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    Hacking Restoring a system backup in a banned Xbox one console

    Hello guys. I have 2 Xbox One consoles, one if them works is perfectly fine but the second one is permanently banned from login in to Xbox live due to game sharing and I made the mistake of factory resetting it wich caused its user profiles to get deleted and now I can't save my progress in any...
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    Hacking Akaio 1.8.1 for R4i/R4Ultra is out!!

    I found it on the official site for R4ultra: I made this topic for the people that did not know that its out.
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    Hacking *delteeted*

    Its pretty ironic that the king of pirates gets mad because somebody pirated your firmware. Now you can feel what game developers feel when they see someone playing their games for free on a flash card. Removing the links wont help hacked akaio is on many websites now and it actually made a lot...
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    Hacking Akaio 1.5 for R4Ui question

    I found this version of akaio 1.5 that its supposed to work with R4Ui: I would like to know if it also works with other acekard2i clones.
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    Hacking need help with black brick and wii settings replacer (gc_fix)

    My Wii(ntsc) has a black brick and I have bootmii. After installing the correct ios and system menu when I launch the settings replacement tool (gc_fix) it says "making the file writable", and nothing happens until I press the A button, then it asks if I want to make a backup of the seting.txt...
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    Hacking Please help me with R4Neo and zelda spirit tracks

    I have a "R4iNeo" and I want to play the games Mario & Luigi Bowser Inside history and Zelda Spirit tracks. I have tried using the latest kernel and Akaio and I could make both games work but In Mario & Lugi I cannot create a new game and in zelda spirit tracks the controls of the train wont...
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    Hacking My EZ VI got bricked please help me

    I just bought a EZ Vi flash card and all i get when i turn on my ds with the ez inserted is a white screen. Is there a way to fix the flash card? thanks
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