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    Hacking is it my flashcart dying, or the microsd?

    Hey everybody, I was hoping I could ask for some advice from people who might know what's going on. I have a CycloDS with 2.3 firmware and a Toshiba microSD that I've had for a few years. Every once in a while, the DS wouldn't recognize the flashcart, but I could just take it out, put it back...
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    Hacking any software for the x-rom that works in 64-bit windows?

    haven't used this thing in forever and decided I wanted to put a bunch of NES roms on there...the only problem is that the x-rom software (Littlewriter) doesn't work in 64-bit windows (xp, vista, or 7), and i wouldn't even know where to look if they updated it. it says "dlportio.sys not loaded"...
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    Gaming best mega man games for DS / GBA?

    I've been playing the NES Mega Man games on an emulator and am madly disappointed that the Mega Man X games don't work on any of the DS emulators. I totally missed out on any games after that, and considering there's like 5000 of them, I have no idea where to start. I've heard both good and bad...
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    Gaming Puzzle Kingdoms

    So the new Puzzle Quest game comes out next week, which I am ridiculously hyped for. Feel free to talk about how awesome it's gonna be in this thread. However, I read previews about a game called Puzzle Kingdoms made by the same guy who designed the original Puzzle Quest, which is more...
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    Homebrew playing Street Fighter II in jenesisDS?

    Can anybody help me out with this? Here's what I've noticed: 1) no Super Street Fighter II roms for Genesis/Megadrive work will start up on jenesisDS 2) Street Fighter II Champion Edition will work, but only with the three-button setup. If I set jenesisDS to six-button mode, the rom detects...
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    Gaming CrossworDS / Crosswords DS save file?

    Does anybody want to upload one for me? I tried this game ages ago, loved it, but completely gave up due to the fact that I had to play a shitload of the Easy puzzles just to unlock a difficulty level that wouldn't make me fall asleep. I was thinking recently how I'd really like to play it, but...
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    Homebrew any emulatable Magic: The Gathering game?

    I thought of this game today and felt like nerding out for a bit. I haven't played it in well over a decade and was hoping there was some video game version that came out at some point that might work in some emulator on my DS. Anybody know?
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    Misc installation errors for USB connector + other random problems

    So I'm trying to install the Japanese software on an American Windows XP machine, which I thought should be no problem, since there's loads of Japanese software on here already. Here's what's happened so far: 1. Installation goes fine. I'm getting an error trying to register my DS. I go to the...
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    Gaming Is Mother 3 worth playing if I haven't played the other two?

    So I got a copy of Mother 3 from my friend who beat it and didn't need it anymore. I'm not really into RPGs, but I'm always willing to give them a try. The thing is, I don't really want to waste my time with this game if I'm not going to understand the story. Do they give a decent background of...
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    Gaming Picross games for DS?

    So I beat all of the puzzles in Picross DS recently. I'm planning on borrowing my friend's wifi connector so that I can download some more puzzles for it, but in the meantime I'm wondering if there are any other picross games available? Thanks in advance.
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    Gaming so my save game got deleted after n+ froze during a multiplayer game

    Does anybody know where I can download a save? I was up to Episode 30 and the thought of playing some of these levels again is infuriating. Still, as angry as some of these levels made me, I wasn't as angry as when I went back to the game and saw that my save was completely gone.
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    Gaming good adventure games?

    I'm going on an overseas trip soon and would like an addictive adventure-ish game to play on the flight over. Here's an idea of what I've enjoyed so far: Zelda Metroid Prime Hunters Castlevania (both of em) Soma Bringer I haven't played Dementium except for a little bit on my friend's DS and...
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    Gaming best place to download save game files?

    I know this site has some and gamefaqs does as well, but for some reason both sites seem to not have any of the ones I actually WANT. Are there any other websites that offer save game files?
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    Gaming Was there really a European release of Dementium: The Ward?

    I've read a few times on this site about how there was a European release of it that fixed the issue of lack of save spots in the US version. People have even sited different sources from where they heard it. However, there was no rom dumped, and Gamefaqs and other sites don't even list it as...
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    Hacking osu! tatakae! ouendan! multiplayer not working...

    I posted this on another forum, but I figure I'll see what you guys can make of it. Earlier today I tried playing this multiplayer against my friend, who used my cartridge while I used a trimmed rom on my Cyclo. I used the CycloDS Evo Tools trimmer, which supposedly doesn't affect multiplayer...
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    Gaming Picross DS

    Hey all, I just downloaded this game and have totally fallen in love with it. I'm thinking of picking it up, but it seems like there's not as many puzzles as I'd expect for the price. I'm guessing you can unlock more, so I'm curious how many there are in total, at least in the "normal" mode (I'm...
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    Gaming English of the Dead

    Anybody played this yet, or have any links to reviews, detailed info, etc.? I'm really interested in getting it, but I have no idea how much depth there is, how many play modes there are, or what levels of English / Japanese it focuses on (or offers). Obviously I'm waiting for the game to be...
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