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  1. Gan1664

    Homebrew Is NDS injection possible ?

    I saw Phoenix Wright DS version in VC. Maybe inject another DS game could work ?
  2. Gan1664

    Homebrew Choice of USB port

    Hello, I have 2 Hard drives on my wii (cIOS 2x7final). I noticed that some homebrews always shows only one hard drive. The funniest part is that the recognized HDD is not the same in every homebrew: WiiMC show the port 1 (like SNESGX, FCEUGX, VBAGX, WiiSX, NeoCD Redux, WiiMednafen and others...
  3. Gan1664

    Hacking DL burn problem

    All is said in title: i've tried: 1 DVD-R DL (Verbatim) 2 DVD+R DL (Verbatim) 3 DVD+R DL (Verbatim) with layer break set to 2084960 4 DVD+R DL (Verbatim) with layer break set to 2084960 and trying to change the booktype (but it seems to never happen because it doesn't show in the description)...
  4. Gan1664

    Hardware Strange problem with Wiimote

    I have a Bigben Wiimote who was working very well during 6 month. Now, it works good in the system menu but the hand and the directions are reverted in all homebrew apps (HBC, WiiMC, USBloader, etc...). I'm on a 4.2 Wii, cIOS38 rev20, DarkCorp 1.1. Any ideas ?? (I have tried new battery, sync...
  5. Gan1664

    Hacking Hermes cIOS rev4 installation only online ?

    I try install the new cIOS rev from Hermes but it gives a code dump on my offline Wii. I have IOS 36, 37, 38 and 60 on the SD in folders form (downloaded with NUSdownload: 00000001/etc...). I wonder if the dol is not compatible with offline install or if i have the wrong version of the IOS...
  6. Gan1664

    Hacking What's the best ?

    There's a lot of new things out for the Wii: cIOSCorp v1 and v2, SoftMii, MiiWii, 4.0 update, .... Which one offers the best compatability for playing homebrew and backup ?
  7. Gan1664

    Hacking The best GC launcher ?

    What is the best gamecube launcher ? cIOS rev 03 of Waninkoko or GCbackup launcher Xi version of WiiGator i don't have many backup so i wonder wich one do i choose for the best compatibility and the more easy to use and install.
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