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    Hacking FAT32 Emunand and Exfat for rest of partition

    Hello, I've been looking around and wanted to go for emunand, however I've noticed that people recommend FAT32 to prevent corruption. This would make it harder to transfer files over 4GB in size, could I just format the rest of the SD card to Exfat? Or would that cause for problems?
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    Hacking CFW Stealth for 9.1

    Hello, I've been looking for a way to hide the Luma config menu and payloads menu startup, I've found the Kecleon patch, Luma-hidden and Luma Stealth, but none of these have been updated to support 11.8/ Luma 9.1. Was wondering if their was something else or if someone could compile a 9.1...
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    Hardware O3DS XL What cables must be connected

    Hello. I have a non functioning Old 3DS XL, it boots with the blue light but a black screen. I have seen that disconnecting specific ribbon cables could cause this, so I was trying to diagnose my problem before purchasing new parts for it. As i don't have another 3ds on hand i cannot test it...
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    Hardware 3DS XL Black screen

    Hello, i recently bought a Old3DS XL that boots to a black screen. I've opened it up tried to replace the wifi card to no success, removed the motherboard and reínstalled all the ribbon cables, no signs of water damage or short-circuits, but i did notice a screw was missing and some of them were...
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