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  1. RetroVerso

    Hacking Black screen when booting with fusee-primary

    As the title says, I can't boot my switch when I choose to boot with fusee-primary, whether I try with TegraRCM or with Hekate. I can however boot with CFW - sysMMC with Hekate. When I try to boot with fusee-primary, I first see a Sept screen for a quick time, then an Atmosphere screen for more...
  2. RetroVerso

    Hacking How can I upgrade my micro SD card?

    Hey everyone, even though my switch is hacked for a long time I'm still having trouble sometimes when I mess around with the files. This time, I'd like to upgrade my micro SD card. I currently have a 32gb micro SD card (I'll just say sd from now on so it's not repetitive) and I bought a 256gb...
  3. RetroVerso

    ROM Hack [Request] Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story DX US FR Plugin/Save Editor

    Hello everyone! I recently downloaded Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story DX on my CFW o3ds and I would like to know if someone could create a plugin or save editor for this game. I downloaded the Canadian version because it was released early in my language (French) and I think it is in US but...
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