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  1. Panzer Tacticer

    Comment by 'Panzer Tacticer' in 'Greetings all, you likely don't recall me, I am not offended :)'

    Interesting, I posted this in General Gaming discussions and someone must have moved it here. Kind of rude if you as me. I regard it as the equal of being told to go away.
  2. Panzer Tacticer

    Greetings all, you likely don't recall me, I am not offended :)

    Dropping this post in General gaming, because, it's pretty general over all. I just performed a rather milestone moment. They're gone. Yep, I bought myself a rather beautiful 10k white gold ring with my birthstone (aquamarine), that came with matching earrings and necklace. And I am using...
  3. Panzer Tacticer

    Times flies but some shit never changes :)

    Wow has it been that long? Came into this scene 8 years ago (the point where I had the Nintendo DS just so I could play Panzer Tactics which made me wait till 2007 to get it). Here it is post Ps4 and X-Boneheaded launches of 2013 (you might detect that I think the average X-Box One purchaser...
  4. Panzer Tacticer

    Piracy vs Used Game Stores

    Every person I have ever known, that is prone to the ole download route, is also an aggressive gamer that aggressively buys both games and hardware. I know of some people that aggressively buy games but also aggressively sell them back and use the funds to buy new games. Now piracy 'sounds'...
  5. Panzer Tacticer

    Awesome Game Alert

    Ok if you want MY opinion, you want to check out Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Horrible ugly dated graphics, because, they intentionally made them that way. I love this game, been playing it and it is so full of OMG this is what I remember from my youth when gaming and the gaming industry was...
  6. Panzer Tacticer

    [PPOTW] Which do you think is better, android or ios?

    If this had been a PS4 vs XBox ONE debate it would be easier on me :) I like my paid 200 dollars less for in Android device that has oodles of good apps for it but...... All the best wargames are on the iPad GRRRRR how could they do that to me? My choice is thus, play with the Android as...
  7. Panzer Tacticer

    The nongaming/postgaming gamer

    "If you try to continue doing everything you ever did, and everything you pick up along the way, by the time you're 50 you would go nuts!" Interesting you should say that :) I'm 51, but I have turfed some interesting things out of my early life at least. Still, it isn't always easy to juggle...
  8. Panzer Tacticer

    Piracy: Common Myths

    It's just a disk though. The things are like 20 cents at best. I can't even fathom wanting a computer on sale today that didn't have a blueray drive and likely it would be a blueray burner drive. As it goes, my when it was bought seriously fantastic dvd burner drive is still running. The eject...
  9. Panzer Tacticer

    Piracy: Common Myths

    The key to your comment is it is relevant to your nation's legal code. Too often too many make posts too specific to a nation's own laws. In Canada, and unless this has changed and no one thought to tell me, a end user agreement is void if I was not permitted to read it before cash changed...
  10. Panzer Tacticer

    should i buy a 14 inch tv?

    Do they actually still sell anything smaller than 40 inch TVs? I've not seen monitors that small in a long time either.
  11. Panzer Tacticer

    The nongaming/postgaming gamer

    You can't do anything indefinitely. I like making models, it's my default activity. When I feel like doing nothing much, I end up making a model. But I find myself in a funk and unable to make models periodically. I have the same result with anime, I can binge watch a series and then just...
  12. Panzer Tacticer

    Is there really any point in getting the PS4/Xbox One at launch?

    Think of all the other things you might do with the same amount of cash...... Would you rather do any of those things more? I think the PS4 might be a nice machine, but, I don't actually 'need' one. I've only bought 3 PS3 games since it arrived. I think the X-Box One can drop dead...
  13. Panzer Tacticer

    What is a "Hardcore" Gamer?

    A 'hard core' gamer, is a person that can find a justification in playing a game when no one else could. The game need not be great, it need only be something the hard core gamer couldn't resist playing. Think smoking, can you walk away from a game? Then you are not hard core. I have a...
  14. Panzer Tacticer

    Piracy: Common Myths

    Hmm regarding the OP, I'll let ya know if I ever actually get anything tangibly worth anything from winning an internet debate. When it comes to law, really, the only thing that actually matters, is, could you prevent yourself from being put in a jail cell regardless of your thoughts on what...
  15. Panzer Tacticer

    Just some kudos from an old person

    Hey take a bow, I have been on the internet since it existed in a fashion worth mention, I have seen a lot of types of site, a lot of forums, a lot of gaming spots, all the usual social gathering spots. I have seen user created private haunts, big commercial operations and locations so...
  16. Panzer Tacticer

    Been online since 2000 (well I've had internet since 1990). And I must say, GBATemp has been one...

    Been online since 2000 (well I've had internet since 1990). And I must say, GBATemp has been one of only two places I have not regretted :)
  17. Panzer Tacticer


    Your assertion = you don't know latin among your other failings :) Go back to playing your games son, you are clearly out of your depth here.
  18. Panzer Tacticer

    what type of OS do you use on your computer?

    Windows 8. Why, because my computer guru uses it. And only morons explain to the clearly smarter, a 'better' option :) I am not in love with 8, but, I am also not in love with searching for old driver, and taking forever to load patches following a re install and format of the system. I...
  19. Panzer Tacticer


    Doing or not doing something based on religion is ALWAYS stupid, in as much as most of religion is nonsense to begin with. Why base an important part of your life on something that even the poorly educated can prove is full of flaky. But consider this. It is all fine and dandy till you look at...
  20. Panzer Tacticer

    Gaming regrets, if you could go back in time...

    The PS4 is next up and yippee, or wait, did you actually mean hooofrigginrah with disgust... I don't have a stack of PS1 games, my son does. He's a PC gamer though and likely couldn't care less if they play in the new PS4 as he has no interest in using my PS3. He gave my buddy extended loan of...
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