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  1. GardenAll

    Hacking Changing Emunand filesystem

    Hello guys, I have an original 4.1.0 Switch and have been using it with sysnand CFW and AutoRCM. I decided to rollback to it's original firmware and start a emunand CFW to play it safer. But as you know, 4.1.0 only accepts FAT32 and I really would like to run this emunand in ExFat. Is it...
  2. GardenAll

    Hacking Firmware rollback to create EMUnand

    Hello friends, I have a specific question. I have an 4,1 firmware Switch that I have been updating offline, AutoRCM enabled on SYSnand since them. As we can make EMUnand now and it's so much safe, I was thinking to rollback my first NAND backup and let it remain the "original Switch" as low...
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