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    (QUESTION) Chiaki doesnt work over 4G

    Hi guys! I set up my router port forwarding like this: UDP 987 UDP & TCP 9295 UDP 9296 UDP 9297 And I obtained my PS account ID, but doesnt work. :(
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    (QUESTION) remote play on pc with keyboard and mouse

    Hi guys! I want to play with my ps4 on pc with keyboard and mouse. I saw one method is rewasd, but its paid. Anyone know a free method?
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    Hacking (Question) Can I mod gta online?

    Hi guys! Can I mod in gta online with the latest firmware (OFW)? I just want to add some money. :D
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    Hacking Question Chiaki problem

    Hi guys! I love Chiaki, but how can I use the "Touchbar" button? Some games necessary for playing, like subnautica and gta online. And 2nd question is how can I use if my ps4 and switch doesnt use same network. Thank you guys for help, and sorry for my bad english.
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    Hacking Question Wont turn on after update

    Hi guys! I have a problem with my switch. I want to update fw 9.0 to 10.0 with choijour. After the update my switch wont turn on. I havent used emunand and when I try inject payload in Rekado i get faild 65536 error message.
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    Hacking Question Android update on switch

    Hi guys! I succesfully installed android on my nintendo switch. I followed tutorials on xda, but i have a question. Can I update android 8.1 to 10? I cant find answer to my question on xda. :(
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    Hacking Question PS4 remote play error on Switch

    Hi guys! I followed this tutorial, but I always got error code 88001003 when I launch PS4 remote play. Someone can help me? :(
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    Hacking Question Emunand empty sd card partition

    Hi guys! Finally I install emuMMC succesfully, but not 100%. :( I have a 128gb sd card with 2 partition both FAT32. My question is how can I use the empty partition? I upload some photos. I have one bonus question. Can I install android to the second empty partition?
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    Hacking Question emummc files sd card

    Hi guys! I have a question because i wont get ban. :D I split my 126gb sd card one 82gb and one 32gb. I copied atmosphere cfw files (from sdsetup) to the 82gb side. Succesfully make emummc. When I in hekate menu start stock(SYSNAND) I see settings-Data management 82gb sd card. My question is...
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    Hacking Question How can I update safe my switch to 9.0.0

    Hi guys! I have a switch with 8.1.0 FW and the newest atmosphere with hekate ctcaer payload. I use 90dns for disable Nintendo servers. How can I update safely my switch? If I set the dns automatic for update, can I get ban, or I must boot stock (sysNAND)? In stock (sysNAND) safe play online with...
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    Hacking (QUESTION) Online play

    Hi guys! I bought a new Nintendo switch console with XAJ7002323 serial number. I see it is hackable thats okey. My question is if I want play online is it safe if I make a fully data restore and play legit Games?
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    Hacking (QUESTION) Catherine full body translate

    Hi guys! I just want to ask, someone working a translate for catherine full body? This game release today in japan, and psvita version wont be released in eu and us. :/
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    Hacking (question) psn acces lower firmware

    Hi guys! Can I play online lower firmware? I am on 6.02 and I dont want to update to 6.20. Like on ps3 with psproxy? Is it safe or can I get ban?
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    Hacking nosleep plugin does not work

    Hi guys! I installed nosleep plugin on my vita. I put it on the ur0:/tai folder and edit the config.txt, but my vita always go to sleep mode, after restart. :( Someone have any idea? I have 3.68 h-encore. Sorry for my bad english.
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    Hacking Question h-encore install

    Hi guys! I bought a used psvita with 3.68 fw. It is not activated and unlinked memory card. When I want to connect qcma vita want log in and update. :( How can I install h-encore? Sorry for my bad english.
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    Hacking (QUESTIN) cfw2ofw11

    Hi guys! I have a PS3 game in folder (BLUS30587-[Zumba Fitness]), and I want to make a pkg. But when I moved the PS3_GAME folder to the CFW2OFW Helper.exe I get error message in cmd and do nothing. --- CFW2OFW Helper v11h1 --- // Game identified...
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    Hacking (QUESTION) PSVITA enso cfw back to OFW

    Hi guys! I have a PSVITA FAT with installed henkaku enso cfw. I want install the newest OFW and I maked a full system restore but enso boot logo always goes up. How can I install 3.60 fw? Recovery menu wont goes up.
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    Hacking (QUESTION) Dualshock 3/4 on wiiu

    Hi guys! Someone can help me? I want use my ds3/4 with wiiu.
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    Hacking (QUESTION) my pendrive didnt work :(

    Hi guys! I bought a 256GB pendrive from ebay. When I install some game I get error message. Someone can help me what can I do?
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    Hacking (QUESTION) Installed games can be transfer to another pendrive?

    Hi guys! I used a 16GB pendrive, but now I buyed a new 128GB pendrive. Can I transfer my installed games to the new pendrive or my game saves?
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