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  1. rock88

    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-NX - Nvidia Game Stream client

    I think port already done for public release, so let's get started :yayswitch: Features 720/1080p&30/60fps streaming; Rumble support :toot: Good audio; Mouse/scroll support; Customizable button mapping and combo keys for each game. Installing Download latest Moonlight-NX release or automatic...
  2. rock88

    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-libretro core for Lakka Switch

    Why this port for Lakka Switch? Currently not possible create a normal port for Horizon OS (ffmpeg lib without hardware acceleration, enet lib don't work properly, etc..), so I'm starting porting Moonlight to RetroArch as libretro core. Also Moonlight port available for L4T Ubuntu, but use...
  3. rock88

    Homebrew WIP libnx-SDL2

    Preface: Develop for Switch (for me) is really hard and took a lot of time, I really want to develop in my preferred IDE with breakpoints and debugger, with fast app running, without stopped/crashed Switch, without again and again entered to RCM and load CFW. So I ported some parts of libnx to...
  4. rock88

    Homebrew WIP PCSX-ReARMed port

    It's a quick port of PCSX-ReARMed, so currently it work with interpreter about half speed (maybe more), no sound, no menu. Port based on libnx. What works: Full screen image output Controls Memcard saves FPS meter (but it bound with screen updates so with frameskip = 1 it may display not real...
  5. rock88

    Hacking Discussion Nintendo banned hacked Switch's When u use libnx, banned only ur account (if use other Switch u got same error), so all digital purchase can't be loaded from eshop anymore...
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