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    Hacking my wii is ntsc do i need to update to 3.2u from 3.1

    just test it, if the disc gives u update then u need to update, if not then ur fine.
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    Hacking Pls help! problem with my d2ckey

    dvd-rw might not work.
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    Hacking Mario Kart Channel

    they all take u to the same internet and play with the people around the world then u guess which one to use =P
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    Hacking Problem with D2Ckey

    did u wbb them when u burn? wat did u do with the iso b4 u burn them?
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    Hacking Dead wiikey, i think :(

    askin where to buy modchip and prices here will get u nowhere, u have to check it yourself. however according to your description it does sound like your wiikey is dead; either that or your drive is dead.
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    Hacking ugh sorry to be a noob

    any type of dvd works as long as ur wii will read it, i use cheap brands for it and no problem wat so ever. it all depends if ur wii is picky.
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    Hacking Updating Japanese Wii

    ok i have a jap wii and d2ckey just like u and heres wat i do, update your wii online through the internet first (look online for an english translation for the wii setting if u dont know japanese), then get ntsc-J game iso with the updates u required to play the game (for instance get the jap...
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    Hacking What update is packed with Okami?

    okami i think is 3.1u_v3
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    Hacking semi-brick from okami(us)

    i believe its 3.1u_v3 or something
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    Hacking About the 3.1J_v2 raw dump file

    Anyone got a direct link to it rather than the torrent file on the WuM website?
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    Hacking [SOLVED] Mario Kart Wii *Blank Screen / Lock up* problem

    can someone please link a direct download for the 3.1J_v2 dump, the torrent one is wayyyyy too slow.
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