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  1. jornthree

    Homebrew Does anyone know of any custom home screens/launchers for the Vita?

    I love my Vita, and the copious amounts of home-brew apps, games, and emulators are super sick. But its obvious the vitas stock home screen was not designed for home-brew, and has quite a few issues on its own (no pages in folders, seriously Sony?). So does anyone know if there are any custom...
  2. jornthree

    Hardware My Experience with an Off-Brand TPM 2.0 Module

    Since I don't see anyone online discussing off-brand TPM modules, I thought I would give my two cents on my experience with the ASUS compatible module I purchased a month ago or so. I bought this module for my computer I was building since I wanted to install windows 11 at some point, and...
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