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    Gaming The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Walthrough/FAQ Thread

    I don't want to read through all of the spoilers in here, so I apologize if this has already been asked. Is there a way to put the map on the main HUD? It's annoying to have to press start every time.
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    Gaming Skyward Sword Demo has leaked.

    Thanks, I'll check it out later, are any of the unlimited time codes working yet? I've seen mixed opinions.
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    Gaming Skyward Sword Demo has leaked.

    I beat the eye puzzle but then I tried going back through the room I came in at and couldn't make the jump where the staircase is broken. I know I'm missing something but not sure what.
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    Gaming Skyward Sword Demo has leaked.

    Yes you can use neogamma for ocarina codes, it's in the options. I haven't tested these on neogamma as I'm using a usb loader, but if they work on usb they should work on disc fine too.
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    Gaming Skyward Sword Demo has leaked.

    I'm not sure if I should try this or not. As I said in another thread I haven't seen anything since e3 2010 except 1 trailer. Would this potentially spoil anything?
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    Gaming Game Informer Gives Skyward Sword 10/10

    Wasn't the file serve confirmed by that one guy as 3.93GB? And also if it's dual layered shouldn't it be more than 6GB? I'm not up to date on everything so I may be wrong. On topic, I am looking forward to all the reviews, but I haven't read/watched anything except for one trailer since e3...
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    Hardware 3ds freezing

    After updating to the newest firmware my 3ds is constantly freezing. If I try to load anything it will go to a black screen. And I have to hold the power button just to turn it off. After reformatting the SD card I was able to click on the programs but nothing would happen. I called Nintendo...
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    Hacking PSP 1001 Full Brick

    I don't think so, it's a 1gb sony memory stick pro duo that I picked up at the local game store for a few bucks.
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    Hacking PSP 1001 Full Brick

    Yes I was holding L and tried holding R, and all of the other buttons too, no dice. I think I'm messing up somewhere on the memory stick since the pandora battery turns the system on automatically.
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    Hacking PSP 1001 Full Brick

    How would I re-pandorize it? I just hard modded it following the instructions in the other thread last time. I tried reformatting the card with no success as well.
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    Hacking PSP 1001 Full Brick

    I have a PSP 1001 that is fully bricked. It will turn on with the green power light but nothing else happens, it will also charge fine with the amber light. I have a pandora battery that I made awhile back and used it on a previous psp just fine. I was trying to make a magic memory stick as...
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    DS #5368: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (USA)

    Someone uploaded a copy of the working patch so you don't have to hex edit. It worked fine for me on M3 Sakura 1.49X
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    Gaming Official Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Hype Thread

    AP on M3 Sakura 1.49X The game loads up ok, although it seems slow, and there are no words appearing in the text bubbles. It's technically still playable, but really hard to understand what's going on.
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    Hacking Want to play new games?

    Here's what I did, hope it helps... First Reformat your sd card, then download Sakura 1.49 (It's on filetrip) and put the system folder on the root of your sd card. Then download the file from this thread and extract the three folders and YSM3.nds to the root of your sd card. It should ask...
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    Hacking Anyone wanna help me build woodm3 v1.16?

    I'm using an M3 DS Real card with a 4GB PNY SD Card. YS Menu loads up fine through autoboot, but none of the games will load at all for me, it just gets stuck on the loading bar at the bottom around 80% or so. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Gaming Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Discussion Thread

    That's true about Golden Sun, so I do hold out some hope for a patch. Super Scribblenauts isn't just a kids game though and it is a lot of fun , and much better than the first one too. However you are right that it is less popular than Golden Sun.
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    Gaming Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Discussion Thread

    Well we either get to wait for the patch like the one that never happened with super scribblenauts or we're screwed. I miss Xenon and M3 Ninetail!!
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    Wood Firmwares v1.18

    I have an R4 SDHC and an M3DS Real would any of those work with wood? I used m3 ninetail before, but it's not being updated anymore so I'm stuck at 1.16 on that. Any other options for Golden Sun right now? (besides buying a new card?)
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    Hacking M3 NineTail

    I'm totally messing this up somewhere. I'm trying to load super scribblenauts on M3 DS Real. I formatted the memory card, updated sakura, and placed a clean copy of Super Scribblenauts in the NDS folder. I then put woodm3.nds on the root of the card, and the rpg folder on the root of the card...
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    Gaming Official Super Scribblenauts thread

    I tried loading it on the M3, but all I get are three icons on the bottom screen and a blue screen on the top, where am I messing up at?
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