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    Misc Pokemon Dream World .swf Files

    Hi i sent you DM, im a web developer i can help on this project!
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    Homebrew [Release] Luma3DS mod to "unban" a console with 022-2812

    Any news on an updated method or new boot.firm?
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Dream Radar Cart Redirect Patch - Use save file on SD instead of NDS cart

    I don't know why but renaming Pokemon White 2.nds to white2.nds it gives me a white screen on both screens launching on Twilight Menu++. It was working before with other pokemon white 2 (EUR), if i rename the game to another name it launches perfectly.
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    Twilight Menu++ Slot-2?

    Hello i was wondering if its possible to mount a gba pokemon game on the slot-2 option on twilight menu and if a original DS pokemon cartridge will detect the slot-2 save to transfer Pokémon to gen 3 to 4. I know i can do all this with PKSM or PKhex, its just an idea floating on my head to do it...
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    Slot-2 Support for transfer Pokemon from Gen 3 to 4?

    Hi ! i was wondering if it's possible to emulate slot-2 on a DSI/3DS to transfer pokemon from a gba save for gen 3 to 4. I don't know if is i feature yet, ive been reading but i dont found anything that's why im asking. I know i can do all that with PKSM but i was curious about that to do it the...
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    Hacking Unable to start software. Return to the HOME Menu and try again.

    I have the same problem with Monster Hunter Stories 2 Demo, ive been playing for a while just fine but suddenly doesnt work anymore, showing the same error that you posted. I tried the solution at the end but no luck for me D:
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    Hacking SX OS Emunand and sysnand

    Hello is anyone here already tested if updating sysnand to 12.0 breaks emunand on 11.0 for SX OS? (obviously the sysnand is untouches no cfw there only on emunand)
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Dream Radar Cart Redirect Patch - Use save file on SD instead of NDS cart

    hi! love your work first of all. second any update on this? it can work with the first black & white games?
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Transfer Utilities

    hi! love this post very useful. So any progress on gen 3 to 4? and gen 4 to 5? not using pkhex obviously.
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    Gaming Pokemon Transfer

    Hi i was wondering if there's is a way to transfer Pokemon between gen 3 to 4 using twilight menu slot2 on a 3DS console, that's one of the first transfer i want to do. Second, gen 4 to 5 using r4 on 2 3DS consoles, or using twilight, and use the download play app on 3DS menu, and use the...
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    Hacking For SX OS users

    Well since the 11.0.0 update is out it seems that the card reader also got updated, i try to boot emunand on SX OS 3.0.5 firmware 10.2.0 and it crashed. I have Pokemon Sword cart inside my console, then i removed the cart and booted again and boom i was able to get in emunand again. I hope i can...
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    Gaming Ghostrunner not saving progress

    Sorry you didn't understand the game is not saving on emunand i know that sysnand and emunand are totally separated systems. When i switch back to emunand to resume my game from where i left it it only give the option to start a new game.
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    Gaming Ghostrunner not saving progress

    Hi so recently i downloaded Ghostrunner on nsp format. My switch is on SX OS 3.0.5 emunand firmware 10.2.0, the games perfectly fine despite the lack of fps and the graphics quality. But the problem is that the game doesn't save at all i played like around 2 and a half hours, i closed it switch...
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    Gaming Mario 3D Allstars - Crashing issue

    Having the game with a bug? The source code of SM64 has been leaked months ago, and this a port not a bug. It's the same game with the textures upscaled, 16:9 and 60fps. It's a better work that a simple emulator from lazy nintendo.
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    Gaming Mario 3D Allstars - Crashing issue

    Not working on SXOS 3.0.5 (recent release) with 9.2.0 firmware, Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy works perfectly, but Super Mario 64 crash when i launch it, im using the xci file. Btw im playing Super Mario 64 v6 port, is a lot better than the emulated shit that nintendo made.
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    Gaming Super Mario 3D All Stars Crash

    First of all my firmware and all that: SX OS EmuNAND 2.9.4 running on 9.2.0 SysNAND on 10.1.0 So i recently downloaded both nsp and xci of Super Mario 3D All Stars leak, and the nsp don't let me install it with GoldLeaf 0.8 it crashes the HB, but the xci runs perfectly, but only works Super...
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    Hacking R4 Gold problem on Upscreen

    So i have an R4 gold im using it on a New 3DS XL and this is my problem, on the up screen on the bottom there is a line that doubles up the image. It really bother me. I hope you can help me fixing it!
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    Hacking Question Sx OS emuNAND and sysNAND ban risk

    I didn't transfer an emunand save to my sysnand savefile data, i only edited my file from sysnand with pkhex, extracting the savefile before with hbrew apps always on airplane mode and erasing wifi settings before.
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    Hacking Question Sx OS emuNAND and sysNAND ban risk

    Hi, i have a first model switch hacked and i setup emunand with sxos (during the process i deleted the wifi connections and worked on airplane mode). Then when i already created the emunand it was still on airplane mode on the emunand. So i have a clean sysNAND to play my purchased eshop games...
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    Gaming The Witcher 3 Update 3.4

    So The Witcher 3 is out and with an update of 3GB, what this update does? Improves graphics or performance ? Thanks i hope you can help.
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