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  1. Ryufushichou

    Happy New Year 2018 - Tempmas Week 3: Raffle of the New Year!

    Happy New Years all! figure ill throw my name in the mix!
  2. Ryufushichou

    Turning Wi-Fi off fixes lagging in Zelda BoTW and other Switch games

    About 1.42 million off champ. Not the only site reporting this btw, it's on several sites Careful, your lack of actual research is showing. Glad they found the issue and there's a fix on...
  3. Ryufushichou

    Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3 - Live Coverage - ENDED

    Stylized games like this aren't lazy, Stylized games stand the test of time, stuff like Uncharted and Beyond Two Souls will not stand the test of time, as technology gets better, games like that, with a realistic graphics style quickly start looking old and dated, but go back and play something...
  4. Ryufushichou

    Rest in Peace Densetsu

    Wow, I really liked Densetsu, his guides helped me alot. My condolences to his family i wish them all the best.
  5. Ryufushichou

    Fan-made Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined 2D Beat 'Em Up has a playable demo

    I just want to say that a lot of times projects like these get c&d'd its not always about greed, it's about protecting copyright, if they let a project like this happen, it can put their hold over the copyright licences for ff7 into question. Also you can call it greed all You want, but it's...
  6. Ryufushichou

    Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo has just passed away - aged 55

    This is a very sad day for gaming indeed, R.I.P Iwata-san, you will be missed.
  7. Ryufushichou

    Dying Light 360 and PS3 Versions Cancelled Due To Poor Performance During Testing

    Tge They mean it as a joke man, $400 is between $6 dollars and $700 dollars. Also price really depends on where you are tbh, I paid $600 for the xbox one at launch and the same for the ps4 here in Australia, so while both consoles may be $400 where you are and where frogboy is, it wouldn't...
  8. Ryufushichou

    Phil Fish working on a new game

    You should watch this: It might not change your opinion, but it is still a decent point. Personally i don't care if Phil came back or not, i still think he is kind of an asshole, especially with what happened this morning, but polytron working more as an indie partner is something i welcome.
  9. Ryufushichou

    Super Smash Bros, Summer 2014 3DS and Winter 2014 Wii U.

    But the minute you jump into online For Glory mode where it's Final Destination only, where there's little no no air game, Mac's gonna dominate.
  10. Ryufushichou

    Sony Patents Adding DLC To Emulated Games

    This could also be about the PS3 games on PS4. Pretty sure Sony were talking about emulating them through Gaikai so if thats the case, it could just be so they can add DLC to the emulated games.
  11. Ryufushichou

    Tempmas Week 4: The party ain't over!

    My Goals for the new year are to get through my first year chefs apprenticeship without losing a finger. That would be a big boon for me. -Crosses Fingers- And hopefully finally move into a place of my own.
  12. Ryufushichou

    Steam Announces Family Sharing

    No you can't. If you start playing any game in your library it gives them a few minutes to either buy the game or quit then closes it for them. I think its a bit stupid how that works to be honest, its really the same as just telling my friend my account info and...
  13. Ryufushichou

    [PPOTW] After last weeks Gamescom, are you more or less interested in the PS Vita?

    Exactly what lokomelo said, the system Spec wise is good, i like how it feels and such, but im sick of using it as a portable PSX or PS2 emulator, i would prefer something that was made specifically for the Vita.
  14. Ryufushichou

    [PPOTW] After last weeks Gamescom, are you more or less interested in the PS Vita?

    I bought a vita at launch, and it's a point i argue with friends alot, the Vita is a good system, but it doesn't have a very good library, it's been out for 18 months, and i can still only recommend 2 games for it that i can't play anywhere else with sweet FA im interested in coming. I'm hoping...
  15. Ryufushichou

    John Carmack Joins Oculus as CTO

    Source link isn't Working for me. Anyway this is great, the Oculus is certainly interesting, I've been keeping my eyes on the stuff that's coming form the dev kits, some of it is rather interesting, especially that FPS that was matched up with the Hydra, Seems like a great idea, even if a little...
  16. Ryufushichou

    [PPOTW] Which August game release are you most looking forward to?

    Too many T.T Dragons Crown, Killer is Dead, Wonderful101, One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, Tales Of Xillia, A Realm Reborn, Sir you are being hunted beta, Already got Mario and Luigi Dream Team. Maybe lost planet 3 but I personally lost interest after the original. And so many more i can't think of...
  17. Ryufushichou

    Games you wouldn't have played without recommendation

    So many games to be honest, I never would have picked up Arkham Asylum or City without my friends recommendations. Also World of Warcraft, and EB store clerk recommended that too me, and its stole 4 years of my life, i shall never forgive him. Resident Evil 4 was amazingly good, The gamecube...
  18. Ryufushichou

    Petition to Bring Ultra Street Fighter IV to the 3DS

    See, the issue i have with this is the fact that SSFIV on 3DS was pretty bad, I play Street Fighter 4 on PC and the 3DS version was a launch title for me, even after a month of practice i still couldn't pull half my moves off cause the circle pad sucks for inputs and the D-Pad is placed weirdly...
  19. Ryufushichou

    Cube World now in open alpha!

    From my understanding it will be just like minecraft in the way its released, you can buy it now while its in alpha and its cheaper, and then it gets updated over time, so you will be able to purchase alpha now up until it goes into beta and the eventually full release. Drew INSPIRATION, your...
  20. Ryufushichou

    Cube World now in open alpha!

    Actually to be fair, it looks more like 3D dot heroes which came out roughly around the same time as the very first builds of minecraft. After playing this game for the last 3 days, i can say the only similarities are the fact that they are both Voxel based, the art styles are nothing alike but...
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