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  1. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NX-Update-Checker

    Thank you. It's OK now. I think it was a problem with copy/paste from your list to a new versions.txt file on Windows. I had a 365 ko file and your file is 382 ko. I directly download from your website and now Available-Updates.txt is OK.
  2. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NX-Update-Checker

    Hi ! I've got version 1.5.4 and the latest versions.txt. The offline analysis results is no new updates available, no new DLC binaries available and no available DLC not Installed. There seems to be some problems : I don't know why it doesn't work for me. Nintendo Switch FW 13.0.0 AMS 1.3.2
  3. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NxFileViewer v2.0.0 released!

    Hi ! :). Where can I find console.keys file please ?
  4. czerwinski76

    ROM Hack NOOB FRIENDLY Guide: AC:NH Easter Event manual unlock.

    What about 1.7.0 update and the carnival event ?
  5. czerwinski76

    Gaming Beeshop tutorial

    Hi ! Does someone have a tutorial of Beeshop with the .csv database please ?
  6. czerwinski76

    Misc [Ultra Sun / Moon] Pokemon Wifi Center

    Username : Benoit Friend Code : 0087 - 2423 - 5550
  7. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NX-Update-Checker

    ReSwitched Discord Server "When you have finished reading all of the rules, send a message in this channel that includes the SHA224 hex digest of your discord "name#discriminator", and bot will automatically grant you access to the other channels. You can find your...
  8. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NX-Update-Checker

    Thank you but I can't go out of the #newcomers channel.
  9. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NX-Update-Checker

    So write here a short tutorial !
  10. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NX-Update-Checker

    I think the bot doesn't work at all.
  11. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE NX-Update-Checker

    Is there a way to access to the versionlist.json file please ? I'm always stuck on the newcomers channel on the Discord server.
  12. czerwinski76

    Homebrew RELEASE JKSV (save manager) for Switch

    @JK_ I can't create a backup using "New" under ReiNX 2.4 on FW 8.1.0. with 01.06.2020 version ! :cry:.
  13. czerwinski76

    Official MediCat USB - A Multiboot Linux USB for PC Repair

    @Jayro Could you add AZERTY and French language to medicat please ? Could you add a tool who can connect computer to cached SSID network please ?
  14. czerwinski76

    Hacking UsendMii

    What is this homebrew ?
  15. czerwinski76

    Hacking UsendMii

    Hi ! Could you make something to use correctly "L" and "R" button please ? It always go to next or previous web page on my wiiu gamepad so the controlled can't be used.
  16. czerwinski76

    Hacking .CIA Save data location / Backup

    Thank you DJPlayer !
  17. czerwinski76

    Hacking Loadiine Flow par kasai07

    Use XnView ( with XnShell if you want). It's a free software !
  18. czerwinski76

    Hacking Loadiine Flow par kasai07

    Thank you for your nice work ! Could we have a cover pack or a method to use covers with your version please ?
  19. czerwinski76

    Hacking Loadiine Flow par kasai07

    UPDATE 11/01/16 : New version of Loadiine Flow with select skin for WiiU 5.3.2 (see first post)
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