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  1. MasterJ360

    Newbie on PS4 jailbreak 9.60 - Please Guide me on it.

    Thats the basics of it. Living the ps4 jailbreak life means you don't care about PSN or online play and just want free games to download from the net. It will never support the latest firmware b/c the devs or rather the community dont want people going online cheating in games like Apex. So if...
  2. MasterJ360

    Emulator Kyty, a PS4 and PS5 emulator, gets v0.1.0 release

    The fact that most of the ps4 library are also PC ports, I don't get the hype of this but good news I guess. Getting your hands on exploitable ps4 or just erm download PC games is the better option for now to those who think otherwise.
  3. MasterJ360

    Hacking Xci files & ignoring firmware version with SX OS

    sxos is deader than dead now. Any new content we get cannot be patched down. Migrating to Atmosphere is your only workaround
  4. MasterJ360

    PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    If you got deep pockets get them both, but do whatever you can to get them at retail price. B/c looking for a PS5 is a challenge itself without seeking a scalper. The Series X does land on store shelves, but in limited numbers. PS5 is definitely getting some good AAA exclusives atleast before...
  5. MasterJ360

    PS3 and PS Vita get new firmware updates

    Well I guess the TheFlow will have something to play with while he counts his money from exploiting the ps5
  6. MasterJ360


    Explaining vs promoting are 2 different things. Your right its not a debate its preference - opinionated choice that I took. Lazy & super convenient for SD upgrading, but it works fine for me 4 years straight even with the "unstable" warnings so forgive me if you think im trying to defame your...
  7. MasterJ360


    Yes I know Fat32 is better its pretty basic in the scene. Ive been using the Emunand SD file for sxos ever since 2018. Yes I did have 3 SD failures simply b/c I was using homebrew heavy apps with an exfat dumping copies of my owned games/dlc. But thats not a daily use issue atleast for me from...
  8. MasterJ360

    Cemu Wii U emulator version 1.27.0 publically released, new progress on native Linux port

    Cemu team is always doing great things. If only the WiiU had more games b/c Xenoblade X looks really damn good on this emulator.
  9. MasterJ360

    Sony announces PlayStation Plus games for May

    Alot of these aren't my taste in games, but its free I aint complaining. Still glad I grabbed Horizon, God of War and Persona Strikers for free months back.
  10. MasterJ360

    PlayStation 5 gets variable refresh rate support this week

    Thats nice, but mine will never get updated to enjoy that lol. A possible exploit is far better
  11. MasterJ360

    Ryujinx no longer supported on Windows versions prior to Windows 10

    GG. This will definitely start an emulator war.... j/k I like Ryu more b/c it can actually load my 8TB of Switch games from external HDD without crashing.
  12. MasterJ360

    Hacking Homebrew Kingdom Hearts Final Mix English Patch.

    These fanmade eng patches still have bugs. KH2FM Eng Patch by crazycatz00 also has a well-known softlock bug fighting the sub boss in Trons world his HP never drops which means hes immortal no matter what console you play it on. Typically these bugs require you to play the original game (or ISO)...
  13. MasterJ360

    Release date for 'Xenoblade Chronicles 3' revealed

    Awesome news. Welp Im going to replay XB1 and finally finish the Golden Story lots of lore to cover ground here.
  14. MasterJ360

    Nintendo Switch firmware update 14.1.1 released

    So stable there could be more leaks to find to trigger more stability...... Goodjob Nintendo:creep:
  15. MasterJ360


    I dont think cheating online is much of a problem nowadays compared to the X360 era. Hell back then you could play burned copies of games online aslong you had flashed DVD drive (I still have mine) RIP that ISO site. But yeah anti cheat system is pretty strong now, Sony was detecting cfw on...
  16. MasterJ360


    Regardless if you think 20k is low for a dev, this only embraces the possibility of a new exploit, damn I sure hope it was a PS5 bug
  17. MasterJ360

    Why would I use emunand?

    The advantage is just having a separate nand to play around with while playing online on the sysnand. But you already knew this before making this thread judging from the list you made.
  18. MasterJ360

    Why would I use emunand?

    So pretty much he already has a banned switch. Just not officially from Nintendo. If he doesn't care why even bother making a thread about having emunand? Emunand is for ppl that do care and not wanting a dirty sysnand regardless if it a closed door or not.
  19. MasterJ360

    Why would I use emunand?

    Emunand is like a closed door that you can do your dirty stuff behind anonymously ;) Vs Sysnand your doing dirty stuff out in the public, but at night(Not using online) - still risking being caught b/c your sysnand is dirty.
  20. MasterJ360

    'Kingdom Hearts IV' announced

    Boi they are taking advantage of that Unreal Engine. The wait will be long as fuk, but we got something.
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