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    Formatting a hacked wii u?

    I hacked my Wii U and vWii. I want to completely format it but I wanna make sure it doesn't get bricked in the process, so I wanna ask, do I need to remove any hacks from my wii u or can I just format using the system settings? Any answers are appreciated, thanks.
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    Is there any way to reinstall Wii U system Apps?

    Some of my Wii U's system apps crash a lot so I'm thinking they may be corrupted, so I would like to try reinstalling them if that's even possible?
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    Homebrew Dumping DSiWare via Godmode9 as .app?

    I'd like to dump some DSiWare games to use with TWLMenu++. Therefore they have to be in .app format. The title manager in Godmode9 only gives me the option to build .cia files... Is there any way to have it output .app files instead? I found a way by mounting the .cia and copying the .app but...
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    Homebrew Sending in a hacked 3ds to repair.

    Now my old 3ds and new 3ds xl both have broken batteries and I'm uncomfortable to buy an unofficial battery (official ones not offered by nintendo in europe). For the n3dsxl I figured i can use the battery of my o3dsxl for now but i still wanna replace the original one. So I'm wondering, is it...
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    Emulation Is it possible to extract the rom out of WiiVC title?

    I dumped all my Wii U games, including some vc ones, to my pc. Some play well in CEMU and some don't at all. SMG2 is one of those which is a Wii title so I was wondering if i could somehow extract the wii rom from the vc, to play it in dolphin. Edit: I resolved it myself by copying the game to...
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    Hacking Can I update my wiiu without uninstalling haxchi?

    EDIT: nvm I found out that I can. Mods feel free to delete this post.
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    Hacking CBHC Shows black screen on boot

    My Wii U is hacked with installed cbhc, followed the wiiu guide page. Also I used a legally obtained title (I think it was brain age). Now when I boot up my Wii U it first looks like it boots up but then the screen goes black and nothing happens. I see no "autobooting" as I usually would and I...
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    Gaming Is there any way to get Miis onto Wii Mode/vWii?

    I think I have Miis in my vWii that I didn't create there but I can't find any way to send Miis from the 3ds to it or a way to copy from WiiU mode to Wii mode. I also don't have any DS games with miis. Is there any other way that I might have overseen? Edit: As this was viewed 1k times, no...
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    Gaming Super Mario Maker is deleting my offline levels

    Since some time if I go to coursebot it will always tell me that some levels have been deleted because their data was invalid. Now it even deleted the level I was creating and wanted to save. (But I backed up an older version of it with homebrew so I guess it's okay) Does that mean my Wii U...
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    Homebrew Can I "advertise" my fork of a homebrew here?

    I did some modifications on a homebrew to enhance the usability and stuff, but since I didn't do any major code changes, I don't know if it would be allowed to make a topic for that here. Asking just in case. MIT License basically means I can do anything I want with the code right?
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    Homebrew Wii U often crashing?

    So my WiiU often freezes in apps like settings, activity log, Mii maker, in the login screen and probably many system related things (sometimes even on boot). It can happen in games too but it doesn't happen very often. But the other freezes are like at least once when the WiiU is running...
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    Gaming Game & Wario doesn't read my 4 years old save.

    When I inserted the disc into my Wii U and opened the game up I realized my old save data was gone, although I don't recall deleting save data of games i still own and there's also no reason for that given the fact that my Wii U still has 16GB free space. But then I looked into the Data...
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    Homebrew Help! 3DS won't boot all of a sudden!

    My New 3DS all of a sudden won't boot from my SD with Luma3DS and b9s installed. The screen just stays black and i hear no sound, not even the typical sound when the screens turn on. I tried booting it without the SD and it works. But if i put it back in i cant even go to luma chainloader or...
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    Homebrew Any Reason I should not Upgrade to 11.8?

    I want to access the eShop on my main 3DS so I think I'm gonna update it. What i want to know before I do this, is there any reason i shouldn't do that? Afaik, Luma and NTR were the only broken Homebrew stuff and both were updated. Also should I delete unused Tickets and should I reinstall...
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