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  1. Angelus3K

    Homebrew Question RetroArch Paper Mario

    Hey guys, using latest Retroarch, latest Mupen Next but when I load Paper Mario for N64 the Switch says the content needs to be closed and crashes back to Switch menu. Any ideas?
  2. Angelus3K

    Hacking Joycons not working in some homebrew

    Weird issue. On 9.0 OFW, latest Atmosphere 0.9.4 I think. Initially after I updated all was working fine but I must have done something as now in homebrew like HB AppStore 2.1 and even latest version of sys-clk editor the joycon inputs don’t respond. Only Home button works to exit. I know...
  3. Angelus3K

    Gaming Let’s Go Pikachu while banned?

    I know we won’t know until the game is released but what are your guys thoughts on this game for people who are banned from hacking their switch. We won’t be able to trade and battle online but we _should_ be able to do those things locally with another Switch, right?
  4. Angelus3K

    Gaming South Park save resign?

    Hi, Just wondering if any Good Samaritan with Save Wizard would be able to help out and resign a South Park Fractured Butthole Save for me please?
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