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    Comment by 'velgis' in 'It's all over'

    The worst parts of the funeral process would be probably as the son, I'm the closest to the deceased so I was the one who had to: 1) cover his face, 2) put his body into the casket. I'm going to be honest, it's the hardest thing I've ever done and the only reason I didn't cry was because I was...
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    It's all over

    Dad passed away 2 weeks ago today. I have a lot of thoughts so forgive me if things aren't structured well, I just want to get them out here. I actually don't feel super awful like I thought I would. I think that this is because I knew for the last 2 years where this would ultimately go (he was...
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    Going to Korea starting next week (the 17th) likely. Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last summer, and right now he's in the ICU so it doesn't look good. So, I'm headed to Korea to stay with him for as long as I have him. I don't know how long it will be; it could be the rest of the summer...
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    Comment by 'velgis' in 'Stupid Mobile Game Nostalgia'

    I remember spending hours on Cut the Rope and Jetpack Joyride on my dad's iPad!
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    Just got vaccinated for COVID (first dose)!

    It's the next day and my arm hurts; good thing I don't have plans today.
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    Comment by 'velgis' in 'Two of my dearest relatives might have COVID because of a dumbass'

    Hoping the best for your loved ones.
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    Comment by 'velgis' in 'pyra and mythra day 1 thoughts'

    > their voices can become a bit annoying after a while welcome to xenoblade! :P
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    Comment by 'velgis' in 'my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer today.'

    It's been a while. Dad went through chemotherapy, currently is in the hospital and it seems it's gotten a tiiiiny bit better. Still worried though. I had to come back to the USA for other reasons and my mom will be here for a few weeks then head back to Korea to keep up with him.
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    Comment by 'velgis' in 'my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer today.'

    Turns out that it's stage 4. He's going through chemo right now and I frankly just feel pretty bummed.
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    Comment by 'velgis' in 'my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer today.'

    everyone, thank you for the comments. actually, we don't eat junk food very often here in korea but i hope he will get better. :)
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    Blog: velgis

    Blog: velgis
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    Blog: velgis

    Blog: velgis
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    my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer today.

    i don't really have anywhere else to post this since i don't really want my irl friends to know but i felt like i needed to get it out somewhere; so i guess gbatemp blogs might be the best thing for me. so yeah. he was confirmed to have colon cancer and i don't know how bad it is since we'll...
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