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  1. Miles

    I was 17 when Lucky Star came out. God I'm old. Happy birthday!

    I was 17 when Lucky Star came out. God I'm old. Happy birthday!
  2. Miles

    PS1/2 Non-nostalgia, non-retro reasons to use an actual PS2 over PCSX2?

    PCSX2 has all sorts of small graphical glitches, latency issues, audio issues, and other issues that you simply don't get with real hardware. The only reason to use PCSX2 over a PS2 is better graphics and the convenience of not having to setup a PS2 on modern TVs. If you have a real PS2 it's...
  3. Miles

    Suika is mai waifu please share the image your avatar is from, thank you.

    Suika is mai waifu please share the image your avatar is from, thank you.
  4. Miles

    Hacking Weird dsi bug :P

    The magnetic sleep function is pretty common with clam shell devices. My netbook and my local comm college's laptops both have magnetic sensors in them as well.
  5. Miles

    Gaming AAI: Miles Edgeworth DBZ reference

    I nearly turned the game off. I know one of the translators is an SA Goon (and probably a /b/tard as well by the looks of it) but this is unacceptable. PW2 also had dumb things like referencing that "That's not mud.." meme and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Lyrics (LOL BELAIR RIGHT?) Internet...
  6. Miles

    Hacking What is the point to Bootmii?

    Considering the state off the Wii scene, we'll never see much progress.
  7. Miles

    Hacking Acekard 2i Super Mario 64 DS PROBLEM

    Ich habe keine Probleme mit Super Mario 64 DS. Sind Sie sicher, dass Sie ROM ist verbindlich, dass möglicherweise das Problem. Auch können Sie die Verwendung der Panasonic SD Card Formatter formatieren SD-Karte, die Menschen haben gesagt, dass hilft mit einigen Problemen zu kämpfen. Sorry für...
  8. Miles

    Hacking Has Anybody Got Any Scratches On The DSi Touch Screen Yet?

    A small one. Maybe I should get a screen protector..
  9. Miles

    Hacking DSi Camera Poll

    I took a picture of a wallpaper so there wouldn't be a large void on the top screen. Nothing more really..
  10. Miles

    Hacking DSi directional pad problem

    My first DSi's d-pad was fine, but the SD card slot wouldn't hold the SD card (I need that for if it gets hacked) so I turned it in and got a new one. Now this d-pad's up feels weird.
  11. Miles

    Gaming Do you think piracy will stop companies from making good games?

    Nope. And they are wasting their money trying to stop it as well. The industry should learn that piracy is a problem that won't go away. All they need to do is scare people into buying the things and leave pirates to themselves. Right now their DRM is only hurting the consumer and not the...
  12. Miles

    Hacking Any hope for my ds lite?

    Personally I'd just buy a new DS
  13. Miles

    Hacking Cheats?!

    To put it in better English. Get AKAIO. It's a lot better and made by the friendly people here at GBA Temp. It has automatic cheat database updating and a way more user friendly menu. For more info search "AKAIO" on the fourm. It wasn't that hard to read beforehand.
  14. Miles

    Hacking 3 questions...

    Deal Extreme probably has them on back order. Did you get an email from DX saying it shipped? Until they do that, you'll just have to wait.
  15. Miles

    Hacking DX has AK2i for $14.60 shipped...

    I got mine before the price drop as well, and it took 3 weeks due to backorder. Whatever, I'm happy. Better than paying $30 at other places. I wish it would have came with a SDHC reader though.
  16. Miles

    Hacking HBC on Wii 4.0

    Wouldn't this be for people who don't have a modchip and are on 4.0?
  17. Miles

    Hacking R4i

    AS others have said, there is no such thing as a real R4i, R4 has been dead for awhile now, even on the DS. I don't see why people keep on buying it considering how outdated it is and the fact that it has NO official support. Go for a EZ Flash Vi, DSTTi, or Acekard 2i. I am in the process of...
  18. Miles

    Hacking Flash Player 10 For DSi

    I bought it for homebrew potential. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't see why you need to go around telling people that they made a bad purchase.
  19. Miles

    Hacking Acekard block on DSi inevitable

    It's most likely bound to happen, so I suggest not updating. Though in the EULA Nintendo says they can update without notice, so if you want to be really safe turn off the internet connection in the settings page and delete all Wifi configs. @Another World, my decision to buy a DSi was made...
  20. Miles

    Hacking US Version DSi

    I wouldn't believe it.
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