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  1. atreyu187

    Hacking Why Update My Boot2?

    So I got a Wii today for a great price as I have been missing it with all the great titles out. I used the softmod guide here to get it running USB loaders as I was told all it needed was a laser. Well I installed that today and got nothing out of it so thank goodness I can still use that but no...
  2. atreyu187

    Hacking Metroid Other M Not Showing in Under any USB Loader

    So I have gotten all my games ripped and converted to wbfs files since my DVD drive went tits up. Anyhow all 14 of my games show up except for Metroid Other M. Now it isn't my only dual layer game as I have Dead Space as well and it is a split wbfs and it shows up just fine in any loader...
  3. atreyu187

    Hardware Disc Read Error After Laser Replacment??

    So I bought a Wii off of eBay for fairly cheap as he stated it had DRE sometimes, well it was all the time no matter what so I bought a laser and replaced it last night and everything works as in eject etc but still get a DRE when going into the disc channel. Anyone know what else I might be...
  4. atreyu187

    Hardware Help, where does this piece go?

    So I got a Wii in the mail with a dead laser. Never changed one in a Wii but has always been simple enough. Anyhow While pulling the laser out I had a piece of plastic which no doubt has something to do with the eject tray but I didn't see where it fell from and I was hoping some of the Wii...
  5. atreyu187

    Hacking NDS TT setup w/o a DS, little Help for a kid please

    So I have a friend who doesn't have much cash that lives a ways from me. Anyhow she scraped up enough cash to get her kid a NDS with one game. Well I have a NDS TT flash cart that I have had for years NiB waiting on me to get another NDS (aint going to happen don't like the games ) so I thought...
  6. atreyu187

    Hacking Help Updating Wii w/o BootMii

    So I have softmodded a few Wii's before and have always had the safety of bootmii as boot2 but not this time it seems to I want to make sure I do it right as this is for a couple of children and their ma and pa can't afford that many games so I am doing this pro bono and tossing in a free 40gb...
  7. atreyu187

    Hacking Need help restoring USB 2.0 offline

    So I am trying to install the IOS to speed up my ports form 1.1 to 2.0 but I can't find an offline guide. Heck I don't even need a guide just what do I grab from NUSD and I will be happy as I can go from there, the TMP file would be AWESOME. I will be using this app to update the speeds...
  8. atreyu187

    Hacking If I re-virbinize my Wii could I...

    still go back and install HBC and certain IOS'? I ask as the guide I am using is vauge and I am uncertain if I could go back and start over. Here is what it says but I was sure you could re-soft mod it again. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use this guide unless you want to get rid of all your hacks...
  9. atreyu187

    Gaming Where do I find these custom channels again?

    I was sure I found them here but I can't for the life of me think if what to search for. I used black custom channels but WOW that was a vague find in the least. Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
  10. atreyu187

    Hacking Help installing Priiloader over Preloader

    So I want to use PriiLoader instead of PreLoader. I know it is a mod of PreLoader but it is a pain in the arse to un-install can I just write over top of it with the install app? Can anyone help with the best way to go about this? I have BootMii installed on boot2 as well as preloader 0.29 so I...
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