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    PS1/2 Is it possible to copy Pocketstation roms to an actual Pocketstation ?

    Just bought a Pocketstation (Sadly, it won't arrive till next week.), and I found a website that has Pocketstation roms. Is it possible to copy Pocketstation roms from the PC to my pocketstation ? Would I be able to use the PS3 memory card adapter ? If not, what equipment do I need ? Thanks. :D
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    Hacking Questions about Jailbreaking PS3.

    So I was able to aquire a 60 gig PS3 with Firmware 2.76. I was originally gonna have this as a travel PS3; however, being that the firmware is low, I thought I'd try my luck and Jailbreak it. I figure this board gets asked this all the time and I apologize if this is repetitive; however, what...
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    Need help saving on Mega Everdrive

    Just bought one 2 weeks ago. It's awesome !! :D Was trying to play Sonic 3 and Knuckles, as well as Knuckles Chaotix with Mega Everdrive on my US Genesis Model 2 with 32X. For Sonic 3, i just got the first Chaos Emerald. Once i got back to Act 1, i reset my system to get it to save (Trying to...
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    What X-Box emulator plays Sega Licensed Arcade games ?

    I got the latest Mameox and for some reason, the rom select screen won't even detect Moonwalker or Spiderman (Even thou I have the S-TV Bios.). I refreshed it a bunch of times to. :\ Are there any emulators that will play them ? Thanks.
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    Hardware You think I'll get banned from PSN using the EMS Top Gun II ? I bought this a while ago for my 60 gig PS3. I love playing my old PS2 shooters with it. Everything on my console is legit (No CFW has been installed ever on it, nor has any pirated games been played on it.). Would I get banned from PSN...
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    Gaming Is there a way to play newer UMDs on a psp with 5.00 M33-6 ?

    Just found out Bandai is coming out with Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes OOOs for Wii and PSP. I intend on buying both versions. As I'm dusting off my PSP 2000, I realize I'm on M33. Is the a program that will skip the update check and play newer UMDs with M33 ? Don't want to update to GEN because I...
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    Hacking How do you block disc and online updates on 4.3 ?

    I currently have 4.2 with Startpatch installed to block online and disc updates; however, I want to update to 4.3 with wan's installer. I've installed 4.3 twice (one patched and one not patched) and everytime I put in TvC it still asks me to update. So I reverted back to 4.2. Is there a way to...
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    Gaming Has anybody ever gotten Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger to work ?

    I've had the PS1 iso (actually the img and cue) for a while. I can convert it with Simple Popstation GUI Beta 3 and/or PSX2PSP with no visable problem and it will always have the same error. There 4 parts to the first level. I can get past the first part; however, when i get to the second part...
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    Gaming Error = -1029 for Startpatch and Wad manager 1.6 with Cios 19

    I have a Wii on 4.2U, latest HBC, Startpatch (Block Disc updates only and i uninstalled it before i went to Cios 19) and was on cios 14. I upgraded to cios 19 (using 249 as a base, and 57 v5661 for the second part) and wanted to reinstall Startpatch as well as use Wad Manager. Sadly, when trying...
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    Gaming Anybody else have problems with Popsloader for GEN-D3 ?

    Hi, i upgraded from 5.00 M33-6 to 5.50 GEN-D3 (The old one and then with the newer one from a few hours ago. ) Apparently, Popsloader isn't working properly on it. :\ I copied all my firmware prx over and used the special files that work with Popsloader for Gen. Once i selected a popsloader, the...
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    Gaming How do i convert an iso to a ciso ?

    I only have a 4 gig thumb drive, and i just downloaded a game that's 4 gig and doesnt work on disc. :\ I'd like to be able to make it smaller so i can play it on Neogamma's USB loader. Is there a way to convert it ? Thanks.
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    Gaming Is it safe to update from game disc ?

    Just bought Kamen Rider Dragon Knight for Wii. When i put the game in, it wanted to update. >_< No worries, i didn't. Im currently using Gecko OS to load it; however, just curious if it's alright to update ? If not, is there a way to disable update checks on the wii, then renable it if i...
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    Hacking I brick my friend's Wii. Need help. :(

    Hello. My friend wanted me to hack his wii. He had it with 3.4 and a wii thats not LU64. I installed HBC via Bannerbomb, then i installed bootmii as boot2. I also backed up the nands, just in case. From there, he couldn't install Cios. So i used Trucha Bug Restorer 1.0 as instructed (Preformed...
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