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  1. januso1900

    Hacking The Ultimate WiiU Hack-Setup (all Nintendo games in 1 device) by Eipok - MAR'18

    This is a great setup. I'm using two separate HDDs at the moment and I find it more and more annoying to have to swap them around to play wiiu vs wii. I'm not really happy with my Retroarch setup as well. I think it's time to scrap it again and go with your setup. Would love to get hands-on...
  2. januso1900

    Greeting from Emerald Island

    Hi, I've started my journey with games with C64 back in the days. Always loved games and try to replay the old ones. Found WiiU to be the best system for running Retroarch to have most of my favourite games at hand ready to replay.
  3. januso1900

    Retired old fossil

    Great stuff, welcome mate! Just be careful it is a rabbit hole :)
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