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  1. P2TheJ

    Wii bricked, Nand backed up but wont install.

    Hey guys, I somehow bricked my wii. No clue how but immediate black screen. Bootmii is instaled as boot2. I have a nand backup from a year ago but when I installed it back on my wii it's still black. I'm able to open the homebrew channel, but my apps wont load/appear and wiimote wont connect...
  2. P2TheJ

    Hacking Restore Wii without SD card. I have NAND Backup.

    I have my NAND backup, but I have a hardware issue. I can’t get my wii to read my SD card. It started happening where my SD card isn’t being detected. It keeps saying “The device in the SD slot cannot be used.” It worked perfectly fine 2 months ago. Same SD card, nothing new. I have my backup on...
  3. P2TheJ

    Hacking Syscheck without an SD Card?

    Long story short, my SD card slot isn’t working. I need to restore my IOS’s because one of them is making my homebrew channel upside down and loaders aren’t working. I plan on just restoring them and then reinstalling them all. any thoughts? Can I use my usb to get the Syscheck.csv file?
  4. P2TheJ

    Hacking Issues with the Wii SD Slot and Homebrew?

    For about 14 years of owning a wii, my SD card worked fine.It would always just plug in and read immediately. Suddenly, my wii just started saying “The device in the SD Card Slot cannot be used”. Is this anything related with softmodding or is it a hardware issue? and if so, how do I fix/replace...
  5. P2TheJ

    Hacking EmuNand with over 48 channels?

    The Wii can support up to 48 installed channels on the home screen. I believe 4/5 of these are stuff like the disc channel and weather channels. Is it possible to add more channels to the wii home screen? If I was using EmuNand for a bigger nand, is there a way where I could have it up to around...
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