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  1. fadafwet

    Hacking Question install xci file with dbi

    Hi all I am looking for a way to install xci file with dbi. Is there any way to do that that I not aware of ? It install nsp file with ease but I don't find the option for xci files thank you
  2. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Controller update ?

    Hi I had the switch version 3.01 officially installed with the burn fused After that I update with choix du jour and day break to versions up to the latest one Since a couple of updates I have this warning when I open the console that : A controller update is available. Update Now ? Later...
  3. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Failed to apply nosigchk

    Hi I am using the latest version of hekate 5.5.7 and Atmosphere 0.19.4 when I click on launch I have this error Failed to apply nosigchk ! press power to continue press vol to go to the menu then if I click power it still work does anyone know what should I do to get rid of this error I...
  4. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Best tool to install NSP

    Hi I am a former SX OS user and now trying to convert to Atmosphere I read a couple of guide and now I manage to set up Atmosphere 19.4 on emunand I use the latest version Hekate It seem to work I was able to install the latest version of the switch OS 12.0.3 on the emunand In the guide I...
  5. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Help to migrate from SX OS to Atmosphere and keep SX OS

    Hi I am looking to migration from SX OS to Atmosphere But I would like to know if it is possible to keep SX OS for older games in the xci format and newer games with atmosphere in the nsp format. I tried to find guides on how to do that on the forum but the guide I found says they are...
  6. fadafwet

    Hacking Error 80010017 running Red Dead 1

    Hi I have a fat ps3 running 4.82 firmware and rebug I was able to run some games with no issue But I have this game Red Dead Redemption 1 game on the PS3 that I am not able to run The game had some file larger than 4 GB so I use tool called Split4G to split the larger than 4G File I took...
  7. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Using a 3 TB HDD with SX OS 2.2

    Hi I have read that the maximum size of hard disk usable to read xci file on a USB port is 2 TB formatted in exfat with a MBR volume I wondering if it is possible to use a 3 TB Hard disk with a mbr volume with a 2 TB partition on it formatted in exfat file system I try different configuration to...
  8. fadafwet

    Gaming Official retail games list

    Hi I was looking for an official list of retail switch games so I was wondering if you could share the ones you use. I usually refer to those list Thanks
  9. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Firmware rollback and remove AutoRCM

    Hi I had a 3.01 switch and I update it to 5.1 using the choidujour nx software without burning any fuse. the update seem to work fine. By doing so the autoRCM have been activated so the fuse checking would be skip Now I would like to know If I want to go back to my 3.01 version and disable...
  10. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Some games won't start on OS 3.01

    Hi I have 2 games in xci format that won't load using SX OS. When I try to mount them it give me this error The game card could not be read. Please remove it and insert it If this message appears repeatedly, please check the following page on your smart device or pc...
  11. fadafwet

    Hacking Question Dump eMMC RawNand error

    Hi I have done a lot of reading but could not find answer for my question so here it is. I hope someone can help I have a switch 3.0.1 (I know I have this bad firmware with no option for it). Still, I was able to get into RCM mode using a 3d printed jig After that I usedTegraRCMGui to send the...
  12. fadafwet

    Hacking USB Loader channel won't open

    Hi I am new to the forum but I did a bunch of reading trying to solve my problem before posting with no avail. I was able to make the application USB Loader GX to run if I start it from the homebrew channel But I would like to use the full channel for this USB Loader GX I have done all the...
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