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    Hacking Some help with old firmware

    Hi there, I just found my Xbox 360 again. and it still has the 1.4 IXtreme flash. but with all the new firmware and the nex xbox updates and stuff like that. i was wondering.. if i want to download and play the new games what are all the things i need to do, to my old xbox before i can go and...
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    Gaming firmware 1.4

    Hi there, i just found my old 360 back... and i would like to play some games on it... but as you can see in my description, it still has IXtreme 1.4 Software on it, and i dont want to flash it again... I do know that there are new wave securitys on the discs, but i know there are patches for...
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    PS1/2 Picture on PSN

    Hi, i got a PS3 and i wonder how you can put your own picture as an avatar or something, somethimes when i play Fifa 09 is see people with a picture of their own, is there som1 who can help me with this? Thx in advance
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    Gaming Flashing 360

    Hi, from my understanding, you can only flash your 360 whit an Via chipset or an Nforce chipset my question was, could i flash my 360 benQ wich has 1.41 (i think ) or 1.4 to 1.51 with an nForce 680i? thnx for your help!!
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    Gaming xdvdmulleter help

    Hi there i was wondering if someone could help me out with xdvdmulleter I downloaded it and have a GTA4 iso on my computer. the loading works and then i get the screen with the options and stuf Al the things at the rigth are marked, so do i have to do an insert of SS stealth patch or something...
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    Gaming Rockstar code in GTA4

    I was looking for the game on torrents cause on Rapidshare i only found NTSC/u and i need pal so i was on the pirate bay where i saw this DON'T LINK TO ILLEGAL FILES if you browse down to the comments somone who downloaded it got banned after playing online, cause it has a code that rockstar...
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    Gaming Xbox 360 HDD

    Hi i have a question about the xbox hdd i bought the premium xbox with the 20 gig hdd with it. But i was wondering if it was possible that you could open it and replace it with another hard disk like the ps3, cause the 120 gb version is Waaaaaay to expensive. so if you could . can you please...
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    Gaming XBox live

    Wel i have a question about internet on the 360 i know there is a wireles network adapter but 80€ is allot in my opinion + 60 for xbox live Know my question was, if it is possible to use my PC wich has wireles internet and put a cable from my pc to my xbox to get internet? or if any1 knows...
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    Gaming MOH2 online probs

    hi , i just got meself MOH2 . yesterday i wanted to join a server , and i got Disconnect when loading , so i tryed again , and i could play. but today i wanted to do again , but i get the 1 Disconnect after the other, som1 knows what ya can do about it? ty
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    Hacking Problem with 1.9G upgrade

    Hi, I have a problem with updating my wiikey to 1.9G, i downloaded the update then burned it on a DVD then i putted it in my wii after i dit that, a gamecube icon showed up, so i pushed on begin ,Then suddenly a bleu screen came and my wii reseted automaticly. so i tought it was a bad burn, then...
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    Hardware dvd+r

    canyou burn wii games on dvd+r??
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    Hardware Questions

    Hi i have a few questions i wanted to ask What if you downloaded Tomb raider anniversary pal , what do i have to do next? and what if i download battalion wars2 USA version; wil it work on my wii with wikey? and can i play it online with mates who have the pal version?
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    Gaming metroid online?

    i have a lil question about metroid prime3. is this game online? i tought it wasnt but now i see people sharing friend codes from metroid O.o
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    Hacking dumping wii games

    hi i have a question about dumping my wii gales on my PC and then burn it but they say yuo need the Lg GDR 8164B dvd-rom but then again, is this a burner aswel? and why does it cost on 70 euros and on 4 launch only 19 euros?? ty
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