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  1. LuigiXL

    Lego Super Mario collaboration confirmed

    Lego UK Facebook page confirms with what looks like an electronic piece.
  2. LuigiXL

    Gaming Switch Fishing Rod

  3. LuigiXL

    Famicom Mini controller options

    Hi all Recently purchsed a Famicom Mini, I did not realise it lacks the controller port that the NES/SNES Mini's have, and thus my 8bitdo Retro Receiver will not work. Is there any option to use any controller other than the hardwired ones? Much appreciated!
  4. LuigiXL

    Hardware Fix/Reset Wii U disc drive loading mechanism

    Hi all, managed to somehow mess up Wii U drive so that a disc now will not be taken by the machine. I cannot find anything anywhere on how i might reset these plastic parts so that it operates and "takes" a disc.. Any advice appreciated!! :)
  5. LuigiXL

    Hardware 2DS XL the best of the bunch?

    Hi all, I currently have a 3DS XL, but I like the look of the 2DS XL, mainly as it is physically and astheitcally pleasing.. I am tempted but I thought i'd see what you guys think.. Has anyone else made this choice and any opinions on it? Also the top screen LOOKS better but I heard its exactly...
  6. LuigiXL

    Hacking YLOD?

    Hey :) I have a couple of questions regarding PS3 Phat.. I have 2 consoles both now dead.. One I have gave graphical errors/crazy green screens before freezing a number of times at the dash and then YLOD/RLOD. After reflowing the board and new paste it now turns on, hangs at green for about 10...
  7. LuigiXL

    Hardware Brick Wii U E/C 160-0101

  8. LuigiXL

    Gaming So I heard there is a new Zelda game due..

  9. LuigiXL

    Hardware Wii U "Cat-R" on EBay

    Just seen this, no idea what it is!? thought maybe of interest.
  10. LuigiXL

    Angelina Jolie to divorce Brad Pitt
  11. LuigiXL

    Hardware New Nintendo 3DS XL and 2DS colors announced for Europe

    Nintendo of Europe announced that three New 3DS XL color variants will be hitting store shelves on November 11th. The colors are orange/black, white, and pink/white. There will also be a blue/black Yokai Watch 2DS along with a pink/white 2DS Style Boutique 2 system. Both of these handhelds will...
  12. LuigiXL

    Hacking Homebrew! ..for sale?!

    Just spotted this, homebrew-help for sale?!!! :huh: Someone is keen to help! :wtf:
  13. LuigiXL

    Hardware HDMI Woes

    Hey guys, I got a used PS4 which has clearly been opened, it worked fine but now when I moved it and plugged the HDMI back in, i get either: "No signal" or if i mess around with the cable and the PS4 itself I get the sound of the menu etc. However no picture on the screen. Could anybody...
  14. LuigiXL

    Hardware 2DS Wont read carts..

    Hey all! I just got a 2DS but it wont read cartridges at all.. Occasionnally if i go crazy with putting a game in and out of the mechanism the top icons spin like crazy like when it reads a game, but nothing is shown in the space or can be heard/seen... Any tips?
  15. LuigiXL

    Hacking Genuine 4.5 O3DSXL, What to do?

    Hi all! I have a genuine 4.5 sysnand O3DSXL, What would you do with it?! :) I'm thinking A9LH.. Any tips?
  16. LuigiXL

    Hacking Does Tubehax work?

    Hey all, I have a 2ds on 10.3.28 which ive not connected to my Wi-Fi, does Tubehax still work? I basically want to retrieve my e-shop game (bundled MK) and then downgrade.. Does connecting to Wifi/E-Shop push/force an update? Thanks ! :)
  17. LuigiXL

    Hacking 2DS 7.1 OFW

    I have a 2DS 7.1 OFW, when i try Browserhax (with SD clean formatted and set up) I keep getting yellow screen...."an error has occurred".. Any advice? i have reset the browser a number of times.. Does browserhax work on 7.1? Thanks!
  18. LuigiXL

    Hardware Nintendo 2DS Transparent Release 27/2

    Just seen there are 3 new pokemon consoles due for release (EU).. Any idea what firmware they will ship with?? :) CONFIRMED : 10.2 I like the coloured buttons!
  19. LuigiXL

    Hacking Can you downgrade O3DSXL on 10.4?

    Can you downgrade O3DSXL on 10.4 (OOTHAX or otherwise)? SOLVED: NO. as of 11/2/16 Ive read conflicting reports saying 10.5 is the only one that cant be.. Or is it only 10.3 and below? Thanks!
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