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  1. mitch1256

    I have $400 store credit for a game store, what consoles to buy?

    I have $400 for a big game store here in north carolina, and I'm planning to sell my credit, but I need to spend some of it first. I own a switch, a hacked CECHA01 ps3, an RGH Jasper Fat 360, and a Xenon refurb Xbox 360, and a PlayStation vita 1100 that I main. I also own a slim 360, a CECHB...
  2. mitch1256

    Help with Hitachi 47

    My xenon refurb had its disk drive die last night (error e64) and was wondering how I could fix it up? No burn marks or anything on the board, but if the SATA cable is plugged in it spits out a e64. If it cant be fixed, does anyone here have a 47 PCB/drive or an ODE (xkey, x360key) they would be...
  3. mitch1256

    Best xbox 360 fat disk drive that can be flashed without a probe

    What is the best (ie, reliable and quiet) drive that is not the lite-on drive that does not need a probe? need a replacement for a jasper v2 and may replace the one in my xenon refurb since the hitachi 47 in it right now is loud as shit, and i really dont see if its worth it to buy a probe for...
  4. mitch1256

    Jasper V2 toasted disk drive need key flashed to new one

    So I have a jasper v2. I bought it with the disk drive stuck, and I did manage to fix it, but I plugged in the cable backwards and burned the board. I have no idea if the key is readable still, and it smokes from where I tried to fix a resistor (burning flux I guess? will check today to see if...
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