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  1. p1ngpong

    My Fantasy...

    Imagine the smell! :sad:
  2. p1ngpong

    Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp playable early for one Switch user despite delay

    I still cant get over how absolutely shit this looks compared to the originals. It looks like a cheap Saturday morning CGI cartoon that has no budget. If they ever decide to get off their arse and make a third game it better not have this shit art direction.
  3. p1ngpong

    Quran review

    The best bit was when he married an 8 year old and had naked baths with her.
  4. p1ngpong

    Switch isn't being recognized by my PC.

    The switch hardware is so outdated and weak its only compatible with Windows 98 via serial connection.
  5. p1ngpong

    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock at the Oscars

    I doubt this was staged, if it was I think they seriously need to admit to it as Will Smith comes off looking horrible in my opinion. Anyway this has pretty much tarnished his first Oscar win, maybe it will be revoked too and maybe even he will get banned from the academy. Imagine the impact it...
  6. p1ngpong


    So you are saying you can not tell the difference between spam and regular posts? And you therefore reply to the spam and bump it? This does not make me feel better! ;O;
  7. p1ngpong

    This f-ing T-Mobile ad...

    Was going to suggest brave as a simple solution, I use Brave to watch youtube stuff on my tablets. The best solution however is to give us some money and to stop being a disgusting leech that complains about ads on an expensive to run niche site! ;O; (only kidding I am sure Shaun will get it...
  8. p1ngpong

    War Hawk An error occurred during the start operation.

    War hawk was an online game and the servers got taken down 3 years ago. I think there are emulated servers around now so if you are not using those that is why the game is not working.
  9. p1ngpong

    Comment by 'p1ngpong' in 'Where have I been?'

    Basically an extended part of the house that is the kitchen and a bedroom was sinking down and splitting in half from the rest of the house. This was very dangerous because being the kitchen it had electricity, gas and water lines connecting to it. The amount of subsidence had actually stretched...
  10. p1ngpong

    I'm coming back for real this time

    I came back too!
  11. p1ngpong

    Comment by 'p1ngpong' in 'Where have I been?'

    The city is over rated, houses cost a fortune and for what? I am still getting used to the peace and quiet, its a Saturday night and I can not hear police sirens going past my house constantly.
  12. p1ngpong

    500,000 members!

    Ask ur mum.
  13. p1ngpong

    Where have I been?

    So those who are aware that I exist on this site have probably noticed I have not been very active the last six plus months, I just thought I should make a blog to say that I am still around and still active and explain where I have been. I have been making a lot of changes in life because...
  14. p1ngpong

    500,000 members!

    I remember when we were at 150k members when I was made mod and people said me being staff would drive people away! :tpi:
  15. p1ngpong

    Temper Pics - Post Them Shits Up, Son

    If I was walking past I would definitely push you over the edge. :D
  16. p1ngpong

    What is your ideal desk setup?

    Nice big oak desk with everything swiped off it and ur mum bent over it.
  17. p1ngpong

    Capcom launches mysterious countdown timer website

    Its a countdown to when Microsoft will buy Capcom ;O;
  18. p1ngpong

    Thanks for putting scam ads on the website

    If you do not like the scam ADs we serve up to all our members then there is a simple way to stop them. Pay us money and we will remove them. That means we profit and win either way. So either click on the scam AD and give them your bank and credit card details or give your credit card details...
  19. p1ngpong

    things that make you warm and fuzzy inside

    Closing GBAtemp on my browser and going outside.
  20. p1ngpong

    'Horizon Forbidden West' gets new cinematic trailer

    Lol all the switchbois seething at Horizon knowing their rickety old pocket calculator console could never run it in a million years! ;O;
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