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  1. messerchadger

    Building 3DAmnesic

    I am trying the ffmpeg-configure3ds command prompt make command to compile a 3DS Video Player for me that actually works; To no avail! Is there anyone out there command prompt savvy enough to compile this player for me? Google Drive is something we can use to pass it over to me. I would be very...
  2. messerchadger

    Attempting to Launch ntrboot_flasher_nds.nds causes White Screens

    I am cracking a new 3ds xl. Following the tutorial, I am in step one. It is asking me to run ntrboot_flasher_nds.nds using my flashcart's nds playing capability. Either my R4 Dual Core cannot play .nds games (probable) or something else. Does anyone know what to do about this? When I...
  3. messerchadger

    Comment by 'messerchadger' in 'Brutal Doom - PRBoom Modding for 3DS?'

    I will take my gaming to my PC then. Not worth my time until someone handles the port mods. The end-all-be-all for me is simply to create CAD.file machine parts ON my 3DS by taking advantage of it's 3D function. Actually 3D CAD on the go AND Dual Screen w touch!
  4. messerchadger

    Blog: messerchadger

    Blog: messerchadger
  5. messerchadger

    Brutal Doom - PRBoom Modding for 3DS?

    Now take these two and cram them up your pee_holes! This takes classic doom and turns it into a mouse-freelook, 2016 enhancement of the original 1996 Doom, Doom2 and Ultimate Doom .wads . The action is crisp. The...
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