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    Gaming yugioh 5d's tag force 4

    hey guys. im running 5.50gen d-2. and the game is not working. it goes and load's but then right after i press x on the game and it shows my gameboot. the screen just goes black and nothing happens. so my friend told me to go into the VSH menu by pressing select and switching around the umd iso...
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    Gaming Popstation image packs

    well as im betting all of you know that is shut down or just down. i have some psx games i want to put on my psp but no good place to go to get images backrounds or anything. so could some of you help me to find a good site or give me a site as to were i can get stuff like this. and...
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    Gaming Chaotic ds game

    hey umm ive been waitin for like a week or 2 now for the chaotic game to be dumped i no that the wii one has but were is the ds one
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    Hacking im on 4.0 how do i unhack

    hi im on 4.0 an i wanna unhack how do i do it
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    Hacking unhack my wii

    how do i unhack my wii
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    Hacking can i sell a moded wii on ebay and not get arrested?

    hi im going to b geting rid of my wii. only thing is is its softmoded. and i was thinkin of puttin it on ebay with my burned games. wii will include: moded wii system in original box+controller an nunchuck an sensor bar. wiispeak wii zapper w/link crossbow training gc controller gc controller...
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    Gaming pokemon platinum

    hi i downloaded a save from here for platinum and all the pokemon are shiny and id dont want it that way. so can i use pokesav or sumthing to make them not shiny
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    Gaming Pokemon platinum

    hey i have a save i downloaded from here but all the pokemon are shiney and i dont want them that way. is there a way to use pokesav or another program to make them not shiney?
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    Hacking The Conduit

    hello, i have been waiting for this game for a long ass time and i bought it on release date and beat it in just 7:50. now i was wondering if we could do some patch's or other things to make the online more interesting. now i'm no programer or anything of that nature but i would like to have...
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    Hacking yugioh 5D's wheelie breakers

    ok so i made a copy of this game after i downloaded it. but for sime reason when i get to stage 4 and i got to start up the race. it says it's loading then the screen says it cant read the disc. so any help is greatly aperciated and thank you in advanced for any help.
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    Hacking cios pack v2

    does anyone no where to get this and if its banned on here sorry for asking
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    Hacking animal crossing city folk/yugioh! 5d's wheelie breakers help&#

    ok so i burned both of these today and when i start them up they both say disc cannot be read. they burned normally and they play fine on my friends wii but not mine. help!!!!! please
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    Hacking pokemon heart gold/soul silver pokewalk.

    i heard from a friend that with the release of hg and ss there will be a thing called pokewalk. suposidly you are able to transfer your pokemon to a thing called a pokewalk and were it around your waist and the more you walk the pokemon(s) will gain exp. and happynes. i have only heard of this...
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    Gaming should nintendo remake the original pokemon tradeing card game?

    hey i want your guy's opinion on this because i love the original pokemon tcg game and i think it would be great for a remake on the ds. because if they were to remake it i would be the first to buy it. so what do you tempers think.
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    Gaming gamecube cheats

    is it possible to use ocarina to use gamecube cheats
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    Gaming Wii ocarina cheats

    could someone please give me a link to get the cheats for wii games.
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    Gaming Gamecube Cheats on Wii

    is it possible to put like action replay or just normal cheats on gamecube games like with ocarina an such or no? thank you.
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    Hacking wii wifi help

    hey i just updated to 4.0(still hacked). and my wifi worked good when i was on 3.2U now it wont connect at all. i use a linksys router brand new got it 3 weeks ago. i use a wep key and thats all i got for i just keep getting the error that it cant get conected. please any help wii be greatly...
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    Hacking help i just updated to 4.0

    hello i was previously on 3.2u and i updated to 4.0u and now it all works goo but i want my back up disc's to boot from the wii disc channel again so it would be great for help. and i would also like to know were to get the hacks for 4.0 that are used with the preloader 0.29 because i try to...
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    Hacking problem with gamecube backup loader 0.2 on my 3.2u wii

    hey i have tryed all of my over 20 backup gamecube games on my friends 3.2u wii. i did all the hacks the same as i did mine(both wii's are softmii'd. i start up the backup launcher like i do on mine i made my friend a multi-boot of tales of symphonia both disc's. now i start the launcher...
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