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    mgba and sgb questions: bios and gbc titles

    so, i’ve just recently got on an mgba kick. i’ve gone from not using it ever, to using it on both my vita and n3ds. it’s… pretty great. but i’ve run into two things, both sgb related, that i can’t find answers to, anywhere: • can mgba do sgb “things” (colors, backgrounds) for sgb-enhanced-gbc...
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    Hardware [?] never have owned a wii u, but i'd like to

    so, i've never owned a wii u. have a wii. have a switch. but i feel like i'm missing out. i also hear nintendo yanked all supplies once the switch hit shelves. but i'd still like to get in on the fun. if it were you, how would you go about it? new? used? refurbed? i also don't know what the...
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    Hacking Question how to proxy for switch from a mac?

    so, i was super excited to read but fiddler is not mac friendly (there's a mono implementation for the windows exe, but nothing but errors for me). does anyone know how to set-up a proxy on mac? i've...
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    Hacking [newb] usb loader gx multi-problems

    hey everybody, long time reader, first time poster. so, i have soft-modded wii on 4.3u. latest usb loader gx. latest nintendont. a friend set this up for me years ago, when i restarted all this i was on 4.1u, nintendont and the ability to play backed up gamecube games were not a thing, then, i...
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