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  1. MasterMan194

    Hacking No luck with reActPSN. Need help.

    Hi, finaly i decided to hack my Super Slim PS3. 4.88.1 HFW, 3.0.3 HEN. Now i would like some help: I've got a game (KOF13) and some of it's DLCs. PKGs and respectives RAPs. 1. Installed game/DLCs trough HAN XMB package installed option. 2. Installed reActPSN the same way. 3. Created a EXDATA...
  2. MasterMan194

    Hacking Can i sign a eShop game?

    Hello, recently i've got myself a WiiU and It came with some pre installed games in a pendrive. Asked the dude how he did It but the retard blocked me on Messenger. So i came by a tutorial on JNUSTOOL and NUSPacker to get a wup installable game. Downloaded and installed Hyrule Warriors USA this...
  3. MasterMan194

    Hacking How to find my mod?

    Hi, bought a 2nd hand WiiU and it came already hacked with some games on a pendrive. WiiU and vWii both don't have HBC and i don't know how to install more games. Any way to see the hack it have? I only know it has 5.5.3-U FW. I must at least know the hack if i need ask for help, right?
  4. MasterMan194

    Hacking How to update my N3DS?

    Hi, i have a New3DS softmodded wiith arm9bootstrap: FW: 11.9.0-42U GodMode: v1.4.3 luma3DS: v9.1 And everytime i turn it on, it prompts me to update the system. It's safe to do so? Should i do anything beforre it? Get new payloads or so? Some years i doon't touch my 3DS so i'm kind'a lost...
  5. MasterMan194

    Hacking Can i get rapid fire in a game using CFW?

    Title. If so, how? Using Luma3DS 8.1 + B9S in a N3DS 11.6.0 and InputRedirectionClient-Qt_v2_1 as client. Windows 10 machine. Thank you.
  6. MasterMan194

    Hacking Should i update my New3DS now?

    Hi all, just got my New3DS from the mail and it came in 11.1.0-34U firmware. I have an broken Old 3DS XL i need to data transfer to it, it's 11.2.0-35U. Thing is, i want to try some of the cool emulators for N3DS, so i need an entrypoint to HBC, there's one currently for 11.2.0-35U? Should i...
  7. MasterMan194

    Homebrew I need help, will updating to 10.5 kill my entrypoint?

    My 16GB SD is messed up. It has plenty of games, and stopped working when i got the 3DS from the bag, after i didn't used it for 2 weeks. It doesn't show anything [in the SD] in home menu, as it's corrupted. Put it in my Windows 10 computer so i could use chkdsk in it [in a cmd prompt] but...
  8. MasterMan194

    Hacking What's the simplest way to hack?

    Hi all, i have a O3DS XL in 10.1.0-27U andi used to use Tubehax to boot HBL. I didn't got Ironfall before N patched it. My 3DS was for sometime back in my bag, now i discover Tubehax is gone. What's the easyest way for me to boot HBL again? I want to install homemenuhax 2.5. I think this...
  9. MasterMan194

    Hacking It's safe to go past 8.1.0-18U if i'm waiting for 3DS HBC?

    Hi, My 3DS XL is 8.1.0-18U and keeps asking me to update. Infact, i can't enter eShop and buy Prof. Layton vs PW if i don't update. But 3DS HBC is so near. Maybe i shoud wait a week or so... What do you think?
  10. MasterMan194

    Hacking CFG and NTFS, yet again

    Hi all, long time don't post here. I would like some help. I have bought a Samsung M3 USB HDD, it's USB 3.0 and is NTFS formated. I know it doesn't works f or DIOS MIOS as it's no FAT32, but i can watch animes in it with wiimc and browsed with wiixplorer. The thing is CFG-USB Loader has "no...
  11. MasterMan194

    Hacking A long time away from wii, need help

    Some time far from my wii and today i turned it on, i see there's a free youtube app in the shop. When i tried to get it, a mensage says i must update my system to get to the shop. I'm in 4.1U, so whats the easyier way now? Also, what's the way you guys use DIOS MIOS now? I used to use 2.2 and...
  12. MasterMan194

    Hacking How to dump a save

    GCMM only works for unofficial ones, v10 that is. I just have a official 1019 blocks one. How can i do it? Can i? Sorry, topic title should be "How to dump a save in official GC memory card to GCI format?"
  13. MasterMan194

    Hacking So, how can i encode this to 3ds? Side by side, top bottom? How can i see video's type?
  14. MasterMan194

    Hacking Any DVD5 EUR Xenoblade rip out there?

    Firstly sorry if i posted in wrong session or if it's been adressed before, but recently my Samsung S2 500GB USB HD broke the mini-b bit and i can't use it anymore. So i burn the few games i want in disks :S So i would like to know if there's any rip of EUR Xenoblade i can burn in a 4.7GB DVD5...
  15. MasterMan194

    Gaming New Naruto Shippuden game doesn't works

    Can't run Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact. Black screen after game boot . PSP GO 6.60 PRO B10, got the 877MB CSO EUR game in a torrent site. Turned plugins off, nothing, M33 driver, inferno, np9660 nothing works. Turned off iso cache, nothing. The file is in the 4GB M2 card. Any help?
  16. MasterMan194

    Hacking M3DS and EZ V 3-in-1

    I have a M3DS Real and a EZ V 3-in-1 expansion wich works fine with GBA roms using GBA Exploader 0.58b and the IPS patch for it to work with M3. But whenever i click A in any of the 3 rumble levels or in expansion, the Exploader freezes, instead of saving and rebooting. So i never used the Opera...
  17. MasterMan194

    Hacking Auto-cheats update, possible in Sakura?

    Can Sakura 1.34 Final or any iteration of it have an auto-cheat database update using online capabilities? Like a option wich checks if there's a most up to date, retrieves it and uncompresses it on uSD's /SYSTEM folder, overwriting the old...
  18. MasterMan194

    Hacking DSMenc can be enhanced?

    I just confirmed DPG4 from Moonshell2 locks M3Sakura 1.34. Also, Moonshell2 can't play DSMs M3Sakura does. My question is if it's possible we had a enhanced DSM encoder like BatchDPG wich suports subtitles and features a "encode from Youtube" thing like DPGenc, of course, with more sites...
  19. MasterMan194

    Hacking PS0 and Final Fantasy CC-EoT

    3191 - Phantasy Star Zero (JP) 3332 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time (JP) And maybe another ones. They don't work bere in my M3Real, Sakura 1.34 EUR/USA or Toutchpod 4.2d. No the clean roms, not by turn on anti-piracy cheats. The only way they work is by injecting the chheats...
  20. MasterMan194

    Hacking M3DS Real boots slot2 Supercard?

    How come? I used to have a old, ugly but working like a charm SupercardCF with my DS fat. But one day the 1GB CF card broke and i bought a M3DS Real. Tha CF cracked and bent, the games used to freeze, but it still works fine with my even older 128MB card. And i kept the the SC planing to use it...
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