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  1. s-arash

    Hacking Discussion [POOL] What CFW are you using?

    There has been some others threads before but I want to make this a megathread one Vote and discuss about what cfw you are using and why BUT PLEASE DON'T FIGHT
  2. s-arash

    Hacking Discussion we need a good cfw and community

    switch hacking scene sucks - Atmosphere: had drama and some of their major developers left the team, delay after delay, nothing for end-user, totally dictatorial and they ban you for shitty reasons - RajNX: it's atmosphere with sig patches for trolling reinx, totally worthless - ReiNX: some of...
  3. s-arash

    Hacking SX OS boot0 and boot1

    does sx os modifies boot0 and bood1 after first run?
  4. s-arash

    Hacking Connect to a wireless network without internet access

    i just wonder is it possible to connect to a wireless network which doesn't have an access to the internet? i want to use ftpd but i don't want my console to connect to the internet
  5. s-arash

    Homebrew *hax freeze on red screen

    i just downloaded the latest starterkit trying to run HBL on N3DS 9.0.0-20E with ninjahax and browserhax both of them freeze on red screen any solution?
  6. s-arash

    Hardware Disc Wave

    hen i insert the disc on my xbox one for the first time , some waves appears on the disc but this just happens on my xbox , it doesnt happen on my friend's xbox , is this normal or not?
  7. s-arash

    Hacking Decision Impossible

    i have US o3ds on 4.5 and EU n3ds on 9.0 , and i have the both gateway and sky3ds now , i just want to play xenoblade , its required 9.4 do you think should i update my n3ds and play this game with sky3ds or stay on 9.0 and play with gateway?
  8. s-arash

    Hacking Sky3DS eject problem on new 3ds xl

    does anyone esle have problem with ejecting sky3ds on new 3ds xl? i doesnt eject properly
  9. s-arash

    Hacking Gateway New 3DS Emunand 9.5.0 and higher is not supported (+ reason)

    from gateway website: and the reason , well it seems that n3ds is not just a better hardware ,some major software changes can be done on it here's the log from 3dbrew on 9.5.0-22 firmware: as you see , they are some security features exclusively for n3ds firmware which are not present on...
  10. s-arash

    Hacking Idea to get rid of gateway red card?!

    create emunand, update it to the latest version , launch DevMenu .3ds file with red card and install Dev menu .cia file, dump emunand from sd card , flash nand with dumped emunand as the result we must have 3ds with devmenu and the latest firmware and we can run everygame we want by converting...
  11. s-arash

    Hacking Rip Gateway???!!!

    it seems the website is dead
  12. s-arash

    Hacking backup card2-type games save

    any way to backup card2-type game saves? cause they are not in sd card , if i want to backup the save i must copy the whole .3ds rom?
  13. s-arash

    Hacking Gateway 2B1 Save Problem

    well it seems the save problem is not only for zelda i got same problem with luigis mansion darkmoon , after playing about an hour in 6.3 EmuNand, pressed home and after that close but it freezed on closing , when i came back to play again , it didnt saved my progress didnt have this...
  14. s-arash

    Hardware Wii U Controller eat battery

    hi guys i just didnt used my wii u for some weeks , today when i wanted to turned it on via controller, it didnt , i found that my full charged controller is fully uncharged now is this normal?
  15. s-arash

    Hacking Time to sell gateway?

    hi guys as you know clones are comming , gateway 3ds website is going down and they dont answer the emails do you think gateway is dead? should i sell it? or they'll be back?
  16. s-arash

    Gaming code

    hi guys are eshop codes region lock? i mean can i use them in my us wii u or they just work on pal system?
  17. s-arash

    Hacking Updating new wii u

    hi i just purchased wii u delux ntsc , its 1.0.3u now is it safe to update? i mean is there any exploit in lower firmware which is patched in new firmwares like the 3ds exploit which is patched after 4.5 firmware is the vWii exploits patched in new firmwares or they are still working?
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