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    Hardware Incompetent Wii Disc Drive

    Hello! I have had a Wii for about 11 years now, and all of a sudden it stopped reading all discs. When I hear the noises the disc drive makes, it seems that the Wii tries to figure out what the disc is, but fails. However, it does not make any clicking noises when reading the disc. It tries to...
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    Hacking US to Korean region changing

    Hey everyone! I have a 4.3U wii and would like to know how to get the Korean Mii Channel (The make a Mii channel with the ability to use Korean symbols/characters.) I know to do this I have to region change to 4.3K and put IOS60 v6174 into IOS slot 80 to bypass the Korean Key check. Is this...
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    Hacking Region changing US - JAP with issues

    Hi everyone! I have a 4.3U Wii and would like to change the Region to Japan (4.3J) I used ARC Mod 1.1b Offline on the Homebrew channel to do this, but even when I change the Area, Game, and System Menu setting to Japan, Shop Country Code to 1, and the language to Japanese, it still gives me...
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