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    Hacking Tips for G6 lite users

    Please explain why rom trimming would hurt the G6. As for why, I tend to fill up the available space with mp3's. Another reason would be if your GF likes six other games than you.....
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    I updated to u-disk 4.6a, and it worked. No need for firmware update.
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    which version of u-disk manager and g6 firmware? Doesn't work for me with u-disk 4.1F and firmware 4.1b...
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    Hacking G6 Lite Corruption Issues

    2.5 - renamed a couple of mp3's on the cart. People have had problems with FAT sorter, which may imply renaming... Just added this for correctness of the post.
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    Hacking G6 Lite Corruption Issues

    Just to add another failure story - my 2 week old G6 lite corrupted today. I've always used safe removal, always unplugged usb before removing the cart. This is what happened: 1. played for a while 2. wanted to play star fox command, so I plugged the g6 in the computer, wrote it with g6...
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    Hacking G6 lite write times

    Who cares? Really, if a game takes 1 minute to write or 10 minutes, since you probably spend 1000x that time playing the game the write overhead is not that much. Go take a cup of coffee meanwhile
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    Hacking Retail NDS game with G6LITE instead of PASSCARD3?

    1. No. 2. No. 3. No, you can play retail when g6 is plugged in, however you can not use it. Except perhaps GBA games, which I believe do not require passcard (please correct me if I'm wrong) Your best/cheapset solution would be FlashMe, preferably before your passcard broke but maybe you have...
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    Hacking How Does saving work?

    Yes, ingame saves works as expected. And even better! For example, I bought New Super Mario, finished it, and one week ago I got G6L. I could then *copy* the save on the original game to the G6L (see other thread on this board, basically select button, "ds cart -> default"), and have access to...
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    Hacking Original Game Save On G6 Lite?

    How would this work? If I bought for example New Super Mario and finished it, the gamesave is on the cart, right? How can I then transfer this gamesave, to my G6 Lite I got yesterday? Or do I need to play all levels all over?
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