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  1. mister_gamer

    ROM Hack [WIP] Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice - Spanish Translation

    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: SoJ in Spanish Info We are a spanish team that want to translate the last Ace Attorney's franchise game to our language, spanish, with fandub includded (cutscenes, clip vioces...). We have the translation team full!! We will release chapter by chapter and in an NTR...
  2. mister_gamer

    ROM Hack How do you make a .dat file extracted from a 3DS game?

    Hi, I want to rebuild a .dat to test our Ace Attorney Trilogy Spanish translation, to extract all the .bin files from the .dat we use NCDyson's tool: and to convert the .bin (BCH header) we use this tool...
  3. mister_gamer

    ROM Hack Can this do otherwise? (Pack again a .dat file)

    Hi! Can the tool posted in this tread do otherwise? I need to compress the pack.dat again with my modified files.
  4. mister_gamer

    ROM Hack Bravely Second demo

    Hi! Can anyone drump his Bravely Second Demo (the deml that Nintendo UK send through e-mail) and upload it to THAT ISO site?? Thaankss
  5. mister_gamer

    ROM Hack Inazuma Eleven 3DS romhack?

    Hi everyone! Can I extract Inazuma Eleven 1 (from the eshop) with braindrump and extract Inazuma Eleven Endo Mamoru Densetsu and replace this files to play Inazuma Eleven 2 and 3 with Hans?
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