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    Hacking Grand Slam Tennis black screen

    Had a 002 error on PAL Grand Slam Tennis. on usbloadergx: enabled 002 fix and then I just got a black screen on coverflow loader: just black screen. I am using rev13 NOT b. Any one have any ideas?
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    Homebrew mega drive and snes updates

    Why is there not anyone updating megadrive and snes emulators? Is there demand for them? timbo
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    Hacking WBFS wont appear in windows.

    I have a WBFS formatted Hd with about 15 games on it and it works fine with my Wii. When I plug it into windows it makes all the right noises. When I look in 'Disk Management' the drive is there in green and says Free Space. But the drive wont appear in my computer and hasnt got an icon or...
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    Hacking Professor Layton problem

    Just loaded Professor Layton onto my Acekard2.1. It boots to the main menu, where it has one option; 'New Game'. I may be being a complete idiot but for the life of me I can't work out how to select 'New Game'. Ive tried every button and the stylus but nothing happens. The car continues to...
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    Hacking USB interference

    When I plug my usb drive into the wii I get wiggley interference lines across the screen. Is anyone else having this problem? When the usb device is on: It only happens on the wii ext, NOT while im watching tv - even though wii and usb are still powered on. There is no inference when both wii...
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    Homebrew Geexbox - couple of questions...

    Couple of Geexbox questions I hoped someone could please answer... 1. When you play an MP3 is there anyway to make it automatically play the next song in the folder rather than stop? 2. Can you turn off the visualisation when playing music? -I dont like it. 3. I know how to change the aspect...
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    Gaming Gamecube Vs Classic controller

    I use a gamecube controller for Fifa and was wondering what the classic controllers are like to use as they look prettier. Are they comfortable? Does anyone have any experience of both for a comparision? I notice the thumb stick is in kinda the wrong place (for newer games - not virtual console...
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    Hacking Noisey DVD Drive

    Does anyone else find the Wii increadibly noisey when reading their Backuped up games? Im not complaining because I love Backup loader and am enjoying COD on Gamma but its so load when reading disks. I use very good verbatim dvd-r discs and write the games slowly (not that I think it makes any...
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    Gaming Mario and Sonic component save game.

    Does anyone have a PAL save game for mario and sonic using component (HDTV)? I downloaded the one from but its only for 50 or 60 hz and doesnt work if you have HDTV. I would like one with everything unlocked. cant be bothered to complete it again as iver changed cables. Thanks in...
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    Hacking Tidying up my Wii after installing 0.3

    I think im in a similar boat to many newbies. I followed a nice little tutorial for installing the homebrew channel with twlight hack. Then I installed CIOS36_rev5-64-v1042.wad and I have DVDX cIOS_249 installed, so I could use 0.1 launcher. Now I have installed the latest Cios and 0.3 from...
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    Hacking I have 3.3E and it wants to update

    I aam on 3.3E. I just installed a wired connection and the Wii asked if I wanted to update. I have all the soft-modded stuff on my Wii. Is it safe to update? What is the update? thanks Tim
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    Hacking Can someone explain CIOS

    I don't quite understand what the Custom IOS is, how it works and what it does. Could someone please explain this to me or tell me where to look for further info? Ive looked everywhere but still dont quite get it. Im thinking about installing it so i can try backup loader but im unsure if i can...
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