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    How to hide option button square while playing Saturn switch thanks?

    I found this first page: Hiding the "Options" icon. Thanks once again we are also able to hide the "Options" icon from the bottom left corner of the screen. Attached is a "" file that contains the custom "Texture.tex" file you'll need. ( I have it) Just simply replace the existing...
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    I'm on atmosphere hidden partition basedi would like to have Sx os emunand files on same sd card, can I boot first hekate and then select Sx os?

    All tutorial I read says I need the original boot.dat and then from Sx I can boot to Sx os emunand Files , but I want the opposite just automatically start the console press the Vol button and select the Sx os fromthe hekate menu, so if I don't want boot Sx os, I only need to power on the...
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    Can I use the AC original cable on another original dock Nintendo (my friend's dock who have no AC cable)

    My friend have another dock at his house but no AC so I was planning to bring my AC cable from Nintendo to plug it to his dock and save me from taking my dock and AC cable to his house, is that possible? Or my AC Nintendo cable can brick his Nintendo switch because is not used on my friend's...
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    Is it worth a second dock original with AC and cable for 55€ /49£ in case my first Dock brokes

    Is it worth a second dock original with AC and cable for 55€ /49£ in case my first Dock brokes, I want to ask if it is worth the price with dock , AC, and original hdmi all for 55e and also ask if it will work with atmosphere or there is any risk to use a second dock original of nint thanks
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    PS3 slim fan connector ripped off where are the alternative points cech-2104a?

    I have bought a PS3 slim second Hand and the system was automatically turning off because of overheating when I opened I discovered previous owner broke the fan connector from the pcb and on the pcb unfortunately can't be solder back because there is no solder tracks , luckily like a show on the...
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    Atmosphere 1.2.2 13.1.0 also gives random blackcreens after atmosphere logo and before the switch logo? With 12.1.0 never happened

    Well although many say work Fantastic for me atmosphere 1.1.1 on 13.0.0 clean install never worked well as it was randomly giving black screens after the atmosphere logo , after 2 or 3 boots then was running all well, after that I did downgrade to 12.1.0 and perfect again. I wonder if someone...
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    What init fails: 0(1) mean? Sdcard info Hekate

    I have a switch Mariko V2 with lexar SD 1tb and 12.1.0 I have all working fine but on hekate sdcard information says init fails :0(1) does someone know what it means? Btw I did downgrade from 13.0.0 to 12.1.0 because I was getting random black screens after the atmosphere logo I hope someone...
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