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  1. scorpweb2

    Hacking "Cannot Start Software" on 2 games only. everything else seems fine

    had this issue in the week and fixed it by redownloading all the AMS and Sig Patches and that has solved the problem for everything minus Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. DBI verifies the ncas as all correct so makes me feel like it's not the sigpatches causing an issue? AMS 1.2.4. | FW 13.1.0...
  2. scorpweb2

    Hacking Unable to start software Return home and try again

    hi all, i updated to FW 13.1 last week and since then. some games work and others are having the "unable to start software ....." issue FW 13.1.0 |AMS 12.2 | E no pattern of whats working and what's not. Mario Golf works for example but Mario Kart and Animal Crossing aren't. tried clearing...
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