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    Homebrew RELEASE MM-LINX - Super Mario Maker 2 Level Injector

    I have mmlinx installed and I can download from there but is there a way to install levels that I have downloaded separately?
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    Hacking Jap wii with modchip

    is there a way to update the D2CPro chip to play the latest games?
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    Hacking Jap wii with modchip

    will give it a go, Thing is i cant play any off the latest games as i get that 001 error
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    Hacking Jap wii with modchip

    My dad brought me back one from malasyia that all ready had a chip installed. He was sure the guy in the shop told him it was a wiikey chip but last night when i tried to update to 1.9 the test failed. Does that mean i have not got a wiikey chip or was i doing something wrong? Thanks
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    Hacking JAP Wii users guide v2

    hi, Im looking for games that have 3.2J firmware on them as im finding it hard getting hold of mario. What other games does it come with? Thanks
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