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  1. Shackled

    Gaming Redemption of rewards at Club Nintendo Japan

    I've recently ordered a Japanese 3DS, and am waiting for it to be shipped, so I started looking into Club Nintendo Japan. I understand that Club Nintendo Japan doesn't send stuff overseas, but has anyone who owns a Japanese 3DS, and doesn't have relatives in Japan, redeemed the more tangible...
  2. Shackled

    Hardware Importing from Japan and the US

    I'm from Australia, and I'm interested in importing a 3DS XL (LL in Japan), as well as Bravely Default and Theatrhythm from Japan, as I can read Japanese, and I heard that the make of the handheld is of slightly better quality. Does anyone know of some good sites that don't have credit card...
  3. Shackled

    Hacking Is there a way to manually enter action replay codes on dstwo?

    I have a Supercard DSTWO and I found an Action Replay Code for Rune Factory 2 that I wanted to try out but it's not part of the usrcheat.dat file that I have and I'm not really sure how to use the free cheat function to search for that code since the code I found incorporates letters as well as...
  4. Shackled

    Gaming NDS emulator for PSP

    Is there a NDS emulator for PSP or has that idea been totally scrapped?
  5. Shackled

    Hacking Flash Card Imports to Australia

    Since I have not received the flash card I have ordered from 0Shippingzone at all, I am having second thoughts about buying a flash card from overseas. Because Customs over here reportedly seized flash cards in March, I am really worried that that really was the case and that they are continuing...
  6. Shackled

    Hacking I still have not received my Acekard!

    It's been exactly a month (inclusive of weekends) since I've ordered and I still have not received the package - it's making me anxious because I am afraid the package got lost in the mail. I emailed the retailer 0shippingzone and they told me that there's been delays with China Post but since I...
  7. Shackled

    Hacking 0shippingzone --> Australia: How long does it really take?

    I recently ordered an Acekard from 0shippingzone. Since it's my first time getting a flash cart and the 12th business day is approaching, I was wondering if any Aussies have ordered from that supplier before and if the delivery time was within 0shippingzone's delivery time estimation? Also...
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