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    Hacking What's happened to Dealextreme?

    It's been down for days now, and surprisingly there doesn't seem to be any posts about it on here. Does anyone have a clue of what's going on with them? Have they been closed down or? At first I thought it was probably just server troubles, but evidently not, seeing as it's been days now.
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    Hacking On the latest EDGE firmware

    Does it still prompt you to enable/disable cheats for every game if cheats are enabled? I'd like to get an EDGE card, but I think I would find this annoying, so if there is no way of disabling this now, I think I'll go for an Acekard 2. Cheers.
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    Hacking Most battery efficient flash card?

    I recently got a DS Lite and a DSTT. I actually wanted an Edge card, but DX has sold out of them, so I thought I'd order a cheapo one, then order a better one at a later date. Anyway, it's an original DSTT, and it's not a bad card really, it runs everything, the only fault is the lack of...
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    Gaming Is there no cheat for Mario 64 that...

    reverses the run/walk toggle? It's not in the cheat file I have, I just wondered if it exists at all? I love Mario 64, and I'm enjoying replaying it, but I just can't get used to the stylus control, and I have no thumb strap. So that leaves me with the d-pad, which is a bit better than I...
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    Hacking Cheat code editor crashes

    Everytime I open the USRCHEAT.DAT file I downloaded here on GBAtemp. Has anyone else encountered this problem? In fact it crashes when opening the 4 meg file hosted here, and also the smaller file included with FW 1.17. The only file it doesn't crash with is the little 28kb cheat file included...
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    Hacking It seems impossible that the DS has no graphics chip/3D chip

    Am I correct in thinking the DS's graphics are generated soley by the CPU, with no 3D accelerator? The graphics seem too good for a measly 67mhz processor with no dedicated graphics chip. For example, my phone, a K800i, has a processor over twice as fast as the DS, also an ARM chip. Yet the...
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    Hacking Where to buy a Japanese Kingston in the UK?

    Has anyone managed to get a JP Kingston with any consistency from any 1 retailer? I went for a 2gb Kingston from SVP, due to it being the cheapest I could find including shipping. Unfortunately I got a Taiwan made card. The read speed is awful too, I've benchmarked it with the included full...
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    Hacking Has anyone experimented with DMA mode?

    Just wondering how much of a difference it makes. Has anyone experienced better performance on any problem games etc? Or is it generally best to ignore this option? Cheers.
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