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  1. SommaCruz

    Anbernic officially announces the win600 handheld gaming PC; shares footage of SteamOS compatibility

    Looks like that Steam Deck wiil have heavy competition.
  2. SommaCruz

    Conspiracy theories you believe in

    I try to avoid, but here in Brazil we have a president who governs based in all kinds of conspiracy theories.
  3. SommaCruz

    Valve says the Steam Deck is "on track" to ship by the end of February

    Good news! This console promises a lot of fun!
  4. SommaCruz

    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard in record-setting $68.7 billion deal

    Nice! Now I'll just wait Diablo II resurrected be added on game pass.
  5. SommaCruz

    New content may be coming for Stardew Valley in the next update

    Good, that is a good game. I love to play it.
  6. SommaCruz

    Modular retro console Polymega to receive N64 support

    Nintendo disliked this.
  7. SommaCruz

    Ubisoft is reportedly working on an open world Star Wars game

    If we could travel to another planets and systems, would be great. Could be something like No man's Sky.
  8. SommaCruz

    Is XBox 360 as disgusting as I thought?

    But the console is not disgusting, it's old but have great games.
  9. SommaCruz

    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    Hope some guy create a video showing how is the installation.
  10. SommaCruz

    Hacking MaxConsole Posts photos of the new TX Switch modchip

    Read the comments in this tread and the previous about this modchip and you see the comments.
  11. SommaCruz

    Hacking MaxConsole Posts photos of the new TX Switch modchip

    As told before in this post, the previous video shows that cfws can be loaded. It makes no sense the mod only loads sx os. There is others cfws and lot's of people prefer them instead of sx os.
  12. SommaCruz

    Hacking More Info Regarding Switch (Mariko/Lite) Mods by Team-Xecuter

    Nice, then let's wait. By the end of the month We must have it working.
  13. SommaCruz

    Hacking More Info Regarding Switch (Mariko/Lite) Mods by Team-Xecuter

    Any news about the jailbreak for patched versions?
  14. SommaCruz

    Hacking Question Black screen loading emunand SX OS 2.7

    Try uninstalling autorcm. I have problems with autorcm and black screen.
  15. SommaCruz

    Hacking The Software was closed... with SX OS

    Hi, I am having same problem with a Samsung evo plus 256gb. I get some errors, for example when I try to update my emunand, choidujour say that files are missing, when they all are in the card. Some games crashes sometimes. I have tested it using h2testw and no errors found.
  16. SommaCruz

    Hardware SD Card problem

    Now I am using a Sandisk 64gb and there is no problem.
  17. SommaCruz

    Hardware SD Card problem

    When I use choidujour for emunand update, it doesn't find all files and I can't update. Some games close when I try to play and giver errors message. I have lost save games, because the data was corrupted. I know that it sounds like fake sd card, but I have checked it and doesn't find any trace...
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