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  1. Mezcal_Fighter

    Tutorial Changing Wii U Region

    Do you recommend me to do a backup for the sys file? In case I screw up
  2. Mezcal_Fighter

    Tutorial Changing Wii U Region

    I will do Indexiine then hahah it is thru the browser and it backs the file up and change it. Once it is done I will just install Spiik to force English language
  3. Mezcal_Fighter

    Tutorial Changing Wii U Region

    I was thinking on doing it region free and then using Spiik. I mean it doesn’t really work for all games but it is the safest way to do it. Right?
  4. Mezcal_Fighter

    Tutorial Changing Wii U Region

    Sorry I am new here I was thinking on using Indexiine and then installing Spiik. Will that be the safest option?
  5. Mezcal_Fighter

    Homebrew Any way to change vwii region to a different country on Wii U?

    I don’t think it is possible. You will need to use Spiik for loading games like if it was from a different region
  6. Mezcal_Fighter

    Tutorial Changing Wii U Region

    Anyone know how to change Region on a Wii U? I bought a Wii U from Japan but I would like to have mu console in English. I saw that an option would be using Spiik but it doesn’t work for all games.
  7. Mezcal_Fighter

    Homebrew Wiiu Japan Want to change the Region for english language

    I would recommend you to use Spiik for games to load on a different region. Some people bricked their console after changing region on a Wii U
  8. Mezcal_Fighter

    Homebrew [Release] Spiik - Region & language changer

    Any new update? Or is there any new version expected to be working like AnyRegion Changer for Wii? auto Is there any new update expected?I mean for new games to work or Any new features like the AnyRegionChanger app for Wii?
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