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  1. thieves like us

    help me win a ps vita with taco bell's contest

    here in the states, fast food chain, taco belll is running a contest and giving away playstation vita systems. the votes have reset for the new week, so I may actually have a chance this week if I can get GBAtemp's members to help out. simply log onto this page and click the vote button, that's...
  2. thieves like us

    no$gmb emulator

    in no$gba, there was an option that allowed you to point to and use a game boy advance bios file (I believe you had to rename it to gba.rom and place it in the same directory as the no$gba.exe file). is there something similar to do this with no$gmb? (the older game boy and game boy color...
  3. thieves like us

    I have 2 orders in with [for console repair parts] that were placed back on dec 23rd and jan 3rd. and while I realise that the holidays have something to do with the delay, I do find it rather unacceptable that the 1st order (which was then separated into 2 orders by their...
  4. thieves like us

    Hacking supercard dstwo - limited gbatemp edition

    I received my limited edition dstwo's the other day (in support of the contest), but it seems that cannot follow the simplest of instructions to send a "limited edition" item (which is packaged in a soft metal tin), in a cardboard box like I asked, resulting in all of them being...
  5. thieves like us

    ROM Hack Pokemon Black & White 3D camera code?

    is there an AR code similar to the Pokemon Heart Gold 3D Camera hack (see thread here: for Pokemon Black and/or White?
  6. thieves like us

    Gaming psp battery cycle counter

    the battery for sony's psp has a circuit board in it which counts the number of charge cycles that the battery has gone through (eg. the number of times that it has been re-charged) and will not charge once it reaches a specific number (I believe it is around 300 or 400 cycles). edit: it is 500...
  7. thieves like us

    looking for someone who can read japanese

    I'm looking for anyone who frequents this site that can read japanese well to assist in a few projects that I'm working on. compensation of some form will be negotiated. pm me for details - thieves
  8. thieves like us

    Hacking NDSi replacement cases

    the guys at received a 3rd party transparent case for the DSi and wasted no time swapping the internals out. watch the video linked here: I wonder if these aren't unlike the project shock! cases based on the fact that many of the original...
  9. thieves like us

    Live In or Near the London Area?

    Live In or Near the London Area? Meet Thieves and Win Some Prizes! Find the "American Rat" and Win Fabulous Prizes! I will be on holiday in and around the London area from this coming Saturday, March 7th through the following Saturday, March 14th. [p]sunday's event will take...
  10. thieves like us

    Tutorial NDSL disassembly/reassembly guide

    a guide to... NDSL disassembly/reassembly for case replacement by thieves like us - 31st July 2008 replacement kit supplied by: <div class="reviewbreak">Disclaimer</div>the information contained within this document is provided “as-is”, without any expressed or implied warranty...
  11. thieves like us

    NDSL disassembly/reassembly guide

    GBAtemp's NDSL dis-/re-assembly guide Official GBAtemp Guide is your DS Lite system out of warranty and your hinge just broke on you? or do you feel like freshing up its look with one of the aftermarket shells that are available? Feel free to leave your comments and questions in...
  12. thieves like us

    GBAtemp's review of NDSL replacement cases

    GBAtemp's NDSL replacement case Review Official GBAtemp Review Nintendo has released quite a few color combinations for the DS Lite already, but what about those of you looking to make yours stand out from the crowd, or tired of it looking like you've just dragged it to Hell and...
  13. thieves like us

    Review Review - NDSL replacement cases review of... NDSL replacement shells Manufactured / Distributed by:,, nebulahk (ebay seller),, WiiRoom (ebay seller) By thieves like us - 5th April 2008 Review Contents & Index:Introductionproject SHOCK! - - Cases...
  14. thieves like us

    Hacking *fake* new R4ds (update-II) slot-one cartridge

    I recently received what appears to be the latest incarnation of the R4DS slot-one card. It was purchased from (I needed one fast) for a friend. Initial differences are as follows: - firmware is different. they are now using a different encrypted firmware which is currently at 1.16...
  15. thieves like us

    DS #XXXX: Download Station vol 8 (USA)

  16. thieves like us

    DS #XXXX: Download Station v7 (USA)

    DS_Download_Station_Volume_7_USA_NDS-iND CODE iNDEPENDENT --     ________/\  ____________    /___/      \/   /        \   /   /       /   /    /    /  /   /    /      /    /    / /   /____/ \  __/_________/ /___/        \/ Proudly Presents:  Game          -  DS Download Station  Release...
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    GBAtemp Tournament #3: mystery prize

    somewhere on, I've posted a link to the 2nd clue of the identity of the mystery prize. a little sluthing should turn it up as well as the actual identity of the prize. good luck!
  18. thieves like us

    Gaming capcom's kabu trader shun (nds)

    this title was released earlier this week, but so far no dump. I received my copy today and both the m3 and the wrg dumper don't seem to play nice with it. hopefully, one of the bigger groups will sort this out relatively soon.
  19. thieves like us

    Gaming other region originals with the various modchips..

    has anyone thought to test out the compatibility of import originals with the various modchips (wiinja, cyclowiz, wiikey, etc)? if so, have the results been posted anywhere?
  20. thieves like us

    Hardware Xtreme Enterprise announces replacement Wii cases

    it looks like Xtreme Enterprise has taken to heart comments from purchasers of their DS lite cases and are finally offering all of the pieces for replacement cases. here's hoping for some other transparent variations like smoke, indigo and spice! the whole story can be found here, along with...
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