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  1. EbraamMorcos

    Inazuma Eleven Anime

    Hey guys this is going to be The Inazuma Eleven Q&A thread Any questions on any thing related to Inazuma Eleven will be asked HERE (Yes that means games too) And i will try to answer you guys as soon as possible
  2. EbraamMorcos

    Hacking USB Won't Load

    Hey guys my usb won't respond to my Wii(Black/4.3U)? What should i do?
  3. EbraamMorcos

    ROM Hack .dat file help

    does any one know how to extract a .dat file from The English Coach (Spanish Edition) i want to edit the spanish .dat file
  4. EbraamMorcos

    ROM Hack My English Coach For Arabic Speakers

    Hey guys, I am trying to make a hack for My English Coach for Spanish speakers i am changing it for Arabic speakers. I have Spanish experience And Know the whole Arabic language. If you have experience with Spanish or Arabic or even both contact me. hey guys someone helped me extract the files...
  5. EbraamMorcos

    ROM Hack Advanced coder

    Hey guys i need an advanced coder to help me to translate Captain tsubasa new kick off
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