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  1. Endofme

    Gaming Tales of Vesperia

    I just completed Tales of Vesperia, But I didin't get the Title Dark Enforcer with Yuri, So I just wounder if I make a EX New Game, and I take that I will have all the Titels, I don't have to do the other once right, I mean I only have to get Dark Enforcer, And I Just wonder if you know any good...
  2. Endofme

    Gaming Fallout 3 Point Lookout

    I have it on Xbox 360, Do I really have to install it then? Don't I just have to download it and it's done?
  3. Endofme

    Gaming Fallout 3 Point Lookout

    Hey, I just got Fallout 3, and my friend told me to Download Point lookout, and I did, But when I get to the spot the boat should be, I don't see the boat or the Bridge, I just wanna ask if you have to complete the Game first or do something ells.
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