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    Hacking thinking about switching to only cia how can i back up save files if i ever want to get a newer 3ds?

    right now i use .3ds files thinking about switching to cia only. i know i can back up my sd card if any thing happens to it but what if someday i get a different 3ds how could i transfer saves to it
  2. J

    ROM Hack any way to make my on .cia from nes roms? i want to play Simon's Quest redaction on my 3ds. i have rxtools all set up i just need to know how to make a cia thanks
  3. J

    Hacking can some one help me get gba games working on o3ds with gateway

    i have a gateway 3ds and an o3ds with 8.1.0 can some one give me simple steps to get gba games working i do not have cubic ninja. thanks. i know how to patch the roms just need the steps for every thing eles
  4. J

    Hacking is F2A Ultra 512M any good?

    this card any good? i have a gameboy micro
  5. J

    Hacking does DSTWO play gba games at 100% speed?

    and whats the fastest place to order from thats in the usa
  6. J

    Gaming would you still want the 20 free games if

    they make you update to download them and the update blocks flash cards?
  7. J

    Gaming why would any one here care about the 10 free nes games

    why not just use nesds? Nintendo has not said if the nes games are going to be in 3d or not. they did say the games would be updated latter so maybe they will be in 2d 1st then 3d latter
  8. J

    Gaming why no rayman love

    I only played rayman 2 one time and after reading all the bad reviews i almost didn't get rayman 3ds. but after playing it i think its fun so why all the bad reviews
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