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  1. klaus11

    Hacking Clean factory reset without being banned

    I already had CFW on sysnand (SXOS). I am in flight mode since using SXOS. I can boot in OFW and use system menu factory reset. Is it useful to make a factory reset before starting new emuMMC? I tried but Nintendo told me to go online to disconnect to Nintendo account. What can I do that I am...
  2. klaus11

    Problem starting games on old firmware at atmosphere

    Hi! my actually config: - SX Pro License - SX Installation 1.3 - Hekate Installation: v5.6.5_Nyx_1.1.1 - Atmosphere 1.2.4-master - fusee.bin - sigpatches from 04.11.2021 for Switch Firmware 1.0.0 to 13.1.0 andAtmosphere v1.2.4 - tinfoil v.13.0 starting as follows: - booting with SX Pro...
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